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14 years ago @ http://www.jeffnolan.c... - Chronicle's "e-edition" · 0 replies · +1 points

Given that this is a San Francisco paper, the center of all things digital, this is pitiful. I thought newspapers gave up on this approach (imitating a print interface) about ten years ago when they realized that posting PDFs on the web was a dumb idea.
$100/year for this? They deserve to go under if this is the best they can do.

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I'm involved with the Rochester entrepreneurial scene and blog about the marketing implications of social media at
Former GM at BlueTie, former Director of Marketing at Techrigy, co-founder of Digital Rochester and RochesterGrowth, currently planning my own thing.

14 years ago @ http://www.jeffnolan.c... - Newspapers are Dying, ... · 2 replies · +1 points

I'd like to see an ongoing calculator somewhere that calculates the number of trees being saved by newspapers going online and no longer having print editions- it must be astronomical given that they published daily to millions of readers.

14 years ago @ http://www.jeffnolan.c... - Techrigy SM2 - Social ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Actually to me Radian6 has the eye candy that agency types like but the functionality falls a bit short (I can say this now that I'm no longer with Techrigy!). The Flash widget interface makes it difficult to extract data and create reports for other people who do not have access to the app. Techrigy's approach, while not as cute, is more similar to Google Analytics' interface and reporting capabilities. That's the primary reason I'm using SM2 in my new business.

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Good points Eric- keyword set-up is the toughest thing to get people up to speed with. We do a lot of handholding and monitoring of how people are using their accounts. It is a bit of a power-user solution though our customers are not techies, they're marketing people. Lots of constant work on the UI.

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We're about as deep into sentiment analysis as anyone. In the past week we added Tone and Emotional Content analysis to our existing positive/negative sentiment engine. And we have a database of 1.2 billion social media conversations with up to 35 fields of associated meta data for each that drives our analysis, demographics and engagement tools. Adding around 10 million more daily.

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It's interesting- we've been monitoring the McDonald's McCafe brand for a client and the sentiment is very strongly positive when compared to Starbucks. And I've been going to one of those new McD's stores and I think it works. CNN, newspapers and a pretty decent banana smoothie...

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I can't imagine why they would invent this in-house when extremely well-designed social media monitoring tools like ours are out there. It's not a simple thing to build nor will they have any historical data. For a few hundred dollars a month anyone could start this business and be up and running in hours. In fact, any local restaurant could use our free version with localized search terms and do the monitoring themselves.

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First, RIM is a foreign company (CA) and they house the data in their own datacenters. That won't fly. Obama's people are already all Apple users. I'm guessing procurement is through competitive bidding so scratch the inside deal with Apple.
My real question: What will Apple do with $28 billion in cash? That's a lot of dough. And Microsoft's numbers are very bad.

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The IT comment was really more about their insistence on 'owning' the data which isn't an option in our case. Fortunately we sell to marketing people...;-)