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He was fantastic in person. Just so comfortable in his skin. When I heard he was there, I had so many preconceived notions, but he really shattered them for me!

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Thanks Veronica, first adapters in our industry really had to seek each other out. Hopefully lists will go a long way towards making jumping in to twitter easier on the uninitiated.

Appreciate the comment and it has been great connecting with you. Love what you are doing with Ben Bridge!

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Thanks Jerry! I also found the fact that Woopra the program mentioned above offers true real time analytics. I've often struggled with the lag time on GA (especially when we are on QVC) and wonder how getting true Real Time will affect our thinking on this subject. Thanks for reading.

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Interesting stuff my good man! The live analytics are extremely tempting.

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Sorry for the belated response as I was away last night. We are always happy to help with repairs as QVC's QC is not capable of assisting with technical jewelry issues. Please feel free to contact me directly at or there is contact information on Barbara's website at if you would prefer to handle the issue that way.



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Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately QVC does not have the technical ability to help with an issue like that, but we are always happy to lend a hand. Be sure to send me an email at and I will work through getting this fixed for you.

I am confident that we can get this fixed quickly for you.

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I see you point about disqus, but it still takes you back to mashables site and into the conversation. All that FB's application does is take the text with no link. Clearly this is possible as both Posterous and Disqus offer this ability. I think this is more a matter of putting an intern in charge of such an important project rather than an API issue. Clearly FB chose not to do this. I am willing to be that this gets corrected quickly.

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Sorry about the lack of CS here on the site. I honestly should have waited to post the story until today (be lying if I said my head was screwed on properly yesterday...).

He is an agitator, but I think any CS team worth its weight in salt should have been able to handle him deftly... especially all the way up the food chain at the C-level.

I am sure you are right that there are thousands of better people in their infrastructure, but Doug chose this one and BB (as well as every other company out there) has to be prepared for those with less than honorable intentions.

Sorry again for the belated response.

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Couldn't agree more... you have to hope for the best in your customers, but prepare for the worst. You rarely ever get the worst, but that caution and care goes a long way toward making every customer experience a positive one.

I usually find that our customers care about two things... first and foremost that the company resolves the issue. The other factor is to see that the company genuinely cares about that customer.

In the past, when a customer is upset, I usually find it is because they think their concerns will fall on deaf ears... in this case all Judge did was reinforce that concern.

Thanks for the your thoughts!

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That it does my good man!

While it is true that customers cannot hold brands ransom, I still think that a small group of people seeking attention are going to try.

While it doesn't open them up, but it does give them access and when people like Barry Judge decide to engage the customer. Right or wrong, the second Judge responded, it became a customer service/experience conversation for Best Buy.

Judge had the option of disregarding the comment or better yet have @bestbuy respond. He chose to throw his hat in the ring. Doug is very much so in the wrong, but it isn't his job to be in the right... it was Barry's.