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I have entirely run out of fucks to give about this person.

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$4500 is an awfully low number. Not as low as the IQ of a Republican voter, but still.

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Mmmm, eggnog crossed with Guiness! Sounds, uh - actually, it sounds like punishment. Please crosspost this at World Nut Daily.

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That's it, Corbin! No more loins for you.

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Also, too, the "Dunces of the Confederacy" subhead is a thing of beauty.

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I can recall a time, not so long ago*, when it was considered unpatriotic to speak ill of the President of the United States while the country was at war. Now the same GoatfuckingOP who wanted to throw anyone who disagreed with plans for invading the wrong country into prison think it's okay to call the President a sponsor of terrorism? My, how times have changed.

*It was when all the presidents were white.

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These people are tiresome.

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So the rednecks are raising a militia? They'll have a bunch of illiterate crackers in pickups, carrying their penis-substitutes, and the United States' military will have tanks, armored vehicles, bombers, drones, and ships? Okay.

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The only thing better than the idea of RBG being a little tipsy at the SOTU would be finding out that Obama was whispering "Fuck you" to all the R's during the handshakings.

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