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Tough decision, no doubt. Sounds like you've made the best decision for the affiliates. Shame that they're sure to be sold up the river with the new guys :/

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I want in on the drinking game podcast!

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That's hilarious!

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Damn, I wish I knew there was a cupcake cart nearby, I'd have been all over that.

And that was one hell of a game. I think everyone was outside for the bottom of the 9th. I'm glad my A's won, because they got destroyed the next day :/

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Son of a ... I knew I should have gone with Kim & Jen for purses... I MISSED CUPCAKES?! Next time I'm following you...

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Congrats all around!

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Glad to hear you'll be in Vegas!

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So, the guy behind the Rapture also owns a small public-access TV station & my friend worked there. Until after the rapture didn't happen, and the guy had a stroke, & the shareholders fired all PT employees since he'd clearly not be able to put on the show he did for awhile.

Also, a funny child "I wanna go home" story... a friend of mine's dad is white and her mom is Chinese. She looks pretty white but her little sister looks more Chinese. When her sister was maybe 5, they were at Pier 39 and her sister had wandered away to watch the magic show. She was sitting in the front row and her dad came over to get her because it was time to go home, and she didn't want to leave so she started screaming "No, I don't wanna go!!" and the people around her - including the magician on stage - were close to calling the cops on her dad since he really didn't look related to her lol. Security was called over, but by that time her mom had also heard the commotion & came over & confirmed yes this is my child, this is her dad, she's just being 5 & throwing a fit.

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Congrats Joe!

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Hmmm... this post title/topic looks familiar... *cough cough* ;P