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Joe I am with you on this. I rarely will read or finish a book but Crush It is a must read for anyone thinking of starting their own business. It is a true motivator! I went to this book signing last week and picked up a couple copies. I will finish reading it tomorrow and make a post about my thoughts. :)

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That is great news, congrats to both!

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Took a 360 Tour of the Clover. Will go to the store in Miami to try it out. Should definitely plan out AffCapa. :)

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Missy that was a great video for newbies, I am going to share it with our new affiliate partners as well. It could save lots of time and headaches for them. Well done! :)

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Now I want to be free of my crazy outlook folders...but i must agree I don't really like the thread discussions in gmail. I have both but use outlook for the office and I always refer back to old emails that I need.

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I think you are all at the affiliate summit beer garden right now. I hope you are discussing the advertising tax :) Wish I was there!

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Great now I'm gona have Journey stuck in my head. But yes having crazy bitch playing in the office not so great I don't mind it but this time I'm listening with headphones on ;). That is true contacting through DM is effective. In recent news, Ted Murphy is Jewish. Good podcast, I'm gona try to make it to Izeafest.

(Lobby Day Recap) Don't bring back the Lil Steph, was the Connie or LisaP? Grr. Yes we do have a conference call with a reporter from the Miami Herald and Melanie Seery has agreed to be on it.
Connie check the facebook group: Fight Against the #AdvertisingTax, to connect with others in your state.

"Get one state to say no." That is a great place to start. The rest of the states will follow your example. Yes Angel always says the best things! Thank you Missy for another great podcast. Connie I am going to make a special blogpost for you. :)

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Thanks for giving us this update Scott I am adding North Carolina to the list.

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Missy I am contacting the Sun Sentinel today to share this powerful podcast with them. I am glad you contacted the Orlando Sentinel as well. Blogging about this, podcasting, contacting local state representatives, and local media to cover the issue will get the word out.

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Very true there is no recession in social media and many people are trying to learn how to leverage it for their businesses. Great recap I wish I was there. :)