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Great recap! And we'll have even more to talk about on the show this Tuesday... it was such an awesome conference, there's too much to tell.

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You're overreacting about the use of them in the movie. I'll try to be spoiler-free and still make the point... in the movie, they are related to the armor. You would never guess that they're a real life product meant to be sold. It's 100% related to the armor. He doesn't talk about them, doesn't get them as a gift in the movie... in fact, I don't recall there being two. Might've been just one.

It's a crucial bit of business in a certain scene, but it's 100% armor related. Rest easy. The average moviegoer isn't going to go looking for a magic magnetic Iron Man bracelet.

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Thanks, Matt! Good luck with yours - let us know how it goes!

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That wasn't my first thought, but now I can't get it out of my head! lol

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Yeah, right? lol
It's not the kids' fault, really. But it kinda is. Sort of. You know what I mean.

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I've got some really exciting stuff in mind for that show. I've recently been introduced to an online university where people can create courses and sell them. I'm not talking about it because although it's very popular and has a *ton* of courses available (and a *ton* of users), it hasn't been discovered by our marketer friends yet. Virgin territory, so to speak. I'm hoping to put together some free BABP video podcasts that can lead into some more in-depth courses that I can put up for sale on that site.

Y'know, with all the free time I have.

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Sarah was a great guest, and AMT is off to a great, great start. There's a follow-up to our conversation here: http://www.sarahbundy.com/betterment-of-affiliate...

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You mentioned Rifftrax, don't overlook Cinematic Titanic! Joel, Trace, Frank, Mary Jo and J. Elvis are doing live shows and selling DVDs at CinematicTitanic.com. It's a bit closer to the spirit of MST3K in that they're doing bad B movies, whereas Rifftrax - Mike, Bill, Kevin, et. al. - tends to focus on hit movies.

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I love Kim to death, but Brad Waller was the guy that unofficially invented affiliate marketing - before Amazon. Slighting him again on the Legend award is like not letting Elvis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

IMO, neither Amazon nor Overstock deserve the Merchant award simply for their treatment of affiliates in the nexus tax issue. TinyPrints gets it by default - which is kinda sad to say because they're also extremely deserving and would get my vote even if Amazon and Overstock weren't persona non grata with me on these issues.

For the blogger... I don't know Mr Green at all. Sam, I love Sam too...but Tricia has been consistent and I think the award should go to her this time (in the absence of any opinion about Mr Green). I'd like to see Sam win next year for the effort that he's been putting in for the past few months, though. Great, great stuff.

Advocate is a toss-up to me, too. Tim made a huge statement by moving his company. Rebecca spends her days flying all around the country meeting with congress members in every state that tries to pass the nexus tax. And Brian Littleton is Brian F&#&ing Littleton - there are few classier and more deserving of the Advocate award. Toss-up. They all deserve it.

Lastly, Manager... yikes. I honestly don't know. Another toss-up? For me, maybe.

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Thanks, Jed! The interviews are only as good as the guests, and Jeremy is a hell of a guest. Glad you enjoyed it!