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I agree, Jess. This move will harm many of the businesses producing the much-needed jobs required to lift the economy out of a recession. The government cannot tax or borrow our way out of this mess. We the people must exercise our right to vote and clean house!

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Some wise governor from another state will make it an economic development priority to attract Internet businesses fleeing California and New York. You talk about high-tech, green jobs . . . Wow!

I sincerely doubt these kind of moves in these two states can pass the Supreme Court nexus test when challenges ultimately make it there. This is a federal issue and was settled years ago unless something is done at that level to legally re-define nexus.

Thanks for your open letter, Scott. Good job highlighing this example of politics gone wild at a time when we need more economic and business activity.

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Followers can tell the difference between when they are being "marketed at" and one who is genuinely sharing information as you did. In general, I think it's wise to identify when a link is an affiliate link but that can be hard to do given the 140 character limitations of Twitter. Personally, I'm more concerned about general Twitter spamming than af few embedded affiliate links between friends.

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Great post, Shawn. Your personal examples of givers in this industry are worthy of note. I would add your name to that list as well.

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Great point, Scott. I, like many in the affiliate marketing industry, work from home and so breathe even more of my exhaust in that environment.

One reason why I try very hard to attend industry conferences and events is for the interaction of others. In addition to being lots of fun, they trigger significant new ideas for me. I also recommend conferences that are only tangentially related to one's field since they can broaden one's horizon and radically inject new ideas into the creative mix.

Fresh air helps us think outside the box! I like that.

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Thanks for pointing this out, Scott. Well done post. The video at the end is a great match also. Funny I thought of the same one before hitting play.

I'm sure Amazon didn't have this in mind. It will hurt their already pretty good commission rates as Jonathan (Trust) suggested. Andrew Wee is correct, though, that their associates program needs overhauling. Automation is limited and, as far as I know, sub-ID tracking is non-existent. I do like working with them, though, in spite of these limitations and I rarely work with independent programs.

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Wow, I thought I was busy on the travel circuit. It will be hard to hit a4Uexpo in London and then BlogWorld Expo the next day in Vegas. I'd like to make both of those but will probably have to pick just one of them at most. I look forward to seeing you at a few of the other ones too. Happy travels.

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Nice way to weave a personal story/video into an excellent point. I remember the first time I buzzed my hair and I remember quitting my day job in 2003 to do affiliate marketing full time. Both were apprehensive. Now I'm considering other challenges like running for local office. That is a difficult decision.

Fear is good for making us think; however, it can also be paralyzing and that's not good. After we have spent sufficient time and effort into making our decision, it is time to dive in. Thank you for that reminder.

Good post and good lesson.