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Hey Jason, click here: http://www.affiliatesummit.com/09e-speakers/ :) I'd submit but I never can decide *what* to present about. :)

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There are simple things an artist or photographer can do to market themselves or establish their brand on the web, and then use that as a hub for other marketing. Will be showing the building blocks then tying it all together :)

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Thanks guys! We try to make them helpful for all :)

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In case you don't get the update Lizzie, the first full podcast is up at: http://geekcast.fm/archives/category/makeyourmark...

Let me know what you think!

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You should get our podcasts automatically, let me know if you don't. Also if you follow my twitter account above you will get a notice when the podcasts are posted :) I hope to have one ready during the day on Monday. I'm excited that you are excited :)

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Since I am very familiar with all those companies we will be able to discuss them fairly well and I do plan to have many guests on the show to share their knowledge. Jen and I have already discussed her participating,

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As affiliates we recommend things to people all the time, our industry relies on us using affiliate links to sell merchandise via those recommendations. So yes, I think that sending affiliate links in twitter is fine. I originally was thinking it was similar to direct to merchant ppc, but it isn't. People sign up to follow you because they want to know what you think about things. Product recommendations can certainly be part of that. And if your site has a twitter feed of your links, I would recommend those links go back to your site, but if you feel you are effective enough at selling in 140 characters, go ahead and try going direct to merchant from twitter.

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I had this discussion with another marketer just about a week ago, I asked her to be a guest or cohost on a podcast I am starting, that will be free to access. Someone had approached her about doing a podcast that would be charged for and she told them no because the info that helped her build her own business was free from other marketers that never felt the need to charge. I get told frequently that I should create "info products" to sell. I can't. It's doesn't feel right.

Yes, people pay for education, but when it comes down to it, information is free and should be free. I'd rather have the karma points and rest easy knowing I helped someone else understand how to accomplish their goals. That philosophy won't make me "rich" but I will be able to sleep at night and know I am out there helping.

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You could block the people as they follow you? After you send them a message to follow affiliatetip instead. maybe use the dreaded auto DM tools that are out there.