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I also think that the words "Tax" and "Legislation" are such un-sexy words that most people shut down when they hear the mention of either one. Between that and the inconsistency of nomenclature (affiliate tax, advertising tax, amazon tax), there's a ton of confusion on who this really effects, what entities affiliates are supposed to fight/appeal too and what the heck the darn tax is in first place.

Whenever I talk to anyone about the situtation (that hasn't already taken some sort of action regarding the legislation) they freely admit while they've "heard something about it", they :

1) don't understand how it effects them (now or possibly in the future)
2) undersatand the situation, but they don't have the time to help because they're concentrating on other things (work, family, etc.)
3) have been somewhat effected already, but have figured out "workarounds" or changed up business models to compensate.

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To all the folks looking for a way they can help, please contact Governor Quinn's office here: http://bit.ly/frgmHk and tell him why he should veto HB 3659!

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Man... you are fast :)

Great job on the new policy Ted.

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I won't be there either Jim. I'm on mommy-patrol while Beaudon is at Copper for ski training.

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At this point, ShareASale does restrict to the US. That being said, I know that Brian Littleton, the CEO of ShareASale is always open to exploring new opportunities. You might want to consider writing up a business case and sending it to him.

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Thank you Evan for appreciating my analogy ;-) Unlike Shawn.

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Ha. Just made it more valuable by linking it to this post ;-) (I know, I know Shawn...Go ahead, say it..)

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Nah, I read about that in "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates". (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0789725258?ie=UT... [Shawn's Aff Link]

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I was really looking forward to the cruise, too! Unfortunately, similar to two years ago in the last quarter, I caught pneumonia. I'm down for the count and on bed rest for at least two weeks minimum.

Let me know if you decide to come to Vegas. I've got a F&F Pass with your name on it!

Have a great time on the cruise.

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It was 10+ years after the Dead started touring that Jerry encouraged the Dead Heads to tape and share by giving them their own section at his concerts. Loren's got a bit of time before that. In the meantime, anytime you want to start selling Audience Conference Tie-dyed T-shirts with me at his shows, just let me know. :)