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The problems with programs like these are thinking they are the center of the universe. Affiliate Managers need to reach out to these individual affiliates and express there concern. The biggest mistake and affiliate manager makes is using words like you, I, never, do not or removed. If a problem is that bad then it is addressed to that particular affiliate and not to all of your affiliates. I have always found that is never a good idea to address all of your affiliates unless you have something good to say. You grow a program by having great communication and understanding YOUR affiliates GOALS, never assume anything and listen you might learn something from your affiliates.

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there are affiliate managers out there that were not affiliates at first; I became an affiliate after being the industry a couple of years. The biggest mistake affiliate managers make is not listening to their affiliates. You learn more by understanding what your affiliate does to drive traffic. Too many affiliate managers just try to manage a program vs. understanding what motivates an affiliate to drive traffic through a specific relationship. The more you listen the more you know.