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In case anyone doubts this, I have witnessed Jeff enter text in Morse code on his phone. He's impressively fast.

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According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the truck is built on an International Harvester D300 chassis and belongs to the Washington Cooperative Egg and Poultry Association. The photos below are from 1941.

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Correct. As a geoscientist who earlier worked in video production, I found that one really raised my hackles.

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Since pedantry seems to be tolerated here, I'll point out that it's supposed to be "head-up display."

It's still available on various GM products, by the way.

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80% of my cats enjoy chasing the dot projected by a laser. The first laser operated on 16 May 1960. There's your answer.

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I know--I want to buy land in some remote place just to do this! Can you imagine the permits that you would need to divert a portion of a stream in the United States, though?

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I didn't get a chance to check out all of the comments this week, so maybe this has already been posted: If you want some power plant pr0n, check this link out:

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I've been past the Vulcan Street Power Plant numerous times--I went to the college just across the river. I knew about it and its historical significance, but I wonder how many other people spent four or five years there and never bothered to investigate the little white shed they could see from the union lounge.

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Well done. I've driven through that area on I-44 several times and I never knew this.

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... where "buff out" means "get sent to China, melted down, and recast as a brake rotor."