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ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq


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I know, but where I live Midas is a chain of places that will do mufflers, brakes, tires, alignment, LOF, and paint jobs - ones where they just tape everything and when it's really cold it flakes off - but they don't cost much. Really nice comment below, I've always desired these cars, saw one in Poland driven by a German family on holiday and it just looked so futuristic to me, cheers!

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[youtube BnTNRfuDxLI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnTNRfuDxLI youtube]

Happy New Year Vavon, stay out of Spain though, at least if you drive a 205!

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You know how much I want this Vavon, I've slept on it cause there was one thing really bugging me last night. I think that 'midas gold' paint job is more a tongue in cheek reference to where it was painted rather than the hue. The overspray looks very bad here in particular, I've convinced myself I even see it on the seats.

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I found a computer and browser where I could both comment and vote, so I just did both, thanks.

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Shoot can't vote, it just shows me the results. Happy new year none the less to all of you, cheers!

edit: I just noticed, neat! One time I drove an Amazon across water like that to get to work (bad advice from security guard), the trick is to get enough speed so you sort of turn into a boat for a while pointed in the right direction. It's pretty scary really.

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I've had some 'That's no Buick' moments.

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Very well written and I totally agree, I fell for these myself when I saw them in Poland and Hungary. About the only design thing I did not like is that the blinkers were hard to see when the headlights were on from across an intersection. But compare to the interior of my current winter car, a '93 Corolla (this is the best photo I can find, mine is a bit more spartan though, without power mirrors and lacking the huge head unit, and flipped L-R, but you get the idea):

Now don't get me wrong, Irene is a very honest car, about the most honest you could get here back then, and there are plenty of charms - not least of which is when backing into a parking spot at Whole Foods I am eye level with eye candy egressing SUVs in yoga pants - but so many little things bother me about the design, or lack of it. Like the fuel gauge, the marks at first look like they are at quarters, but they are not, upon closer inspection it seems that they are at 2/7th and full less 2/7th of the tank or something random like that. I've taken to answering, "How's the gas?" with, "Approaching a bit consumed," while my better half doesn't even bat an eye any more.

Or the clock, compared to the work of art in the KA, this one was plucked from a kitchen range no doubt. It's okay in the day, but at night it's always bright, and a different color than the gauge cluster, which is a different color than the radio again. I should block it from sight with an empty air freshener, learn me something from those clever Japanese like in the photo above.

Anyway, good road to you good Ka, thanks for doing the Rustyies a solid all these years, may your replacement fill its shoes respectably.

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Jeff, I recommend you rewrite the site in awk, using ed of course, it's sort of in the hooniversal spirit of the cloud.

Everybody here, thanks, big time.

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Der Schnitzelwagen zounds der Schnitzeawezome! (Especially when fired back up on a cold morning.) Seriously, the gnarliest sounding air-cooled VW I've ever heard.

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In that case...