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It's not so much a punchline, as it's a kick in the crotch.

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This is how everyone on the far left thinks. Belafonte, Zwick, et al are just the only ones willing to openly state it. The fact that so many now feel free to make such statements should frighten every American, because it indicates that they think that they could get away with doing what they suggest.

That is how close we are to losing all of our freedoms entirely. They haven't begun locking away dissenters en masse yet, but as the IRS and James Rosen scandals show, they're willing to use the power of government to go after their perceived enemies. It's a slippery slope.

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So, does that mean that Obama is going to start blowing up pharmaceutical factories?

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Too many people want to have success without working for it. They think that they are entitled to food, a home and a job; but not any old job, they want the high paying jobs that come with success.

It's bad enough that so many people think that food, housing and easy work are all inalienable right, but now a lot of people seem to think that they the comforts that most people associate with success are rights.

We need to fight against this wrongheadedness. People need to learn that most successful people had to work for what they have.

I wish I was rich, but I'm not. So I keep trying. As far as I am concerned, the only thing that stands between me and success is lefty policies that retard the growth of the economy, that hurt businesses and that prevent the hard-working from moving ahead by punishing success. Get government out of the way and just watch how well we can do.

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Elizabeth Warren starring in "Dances With Falsehoods."

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I don't know if you take suggestions for things to post or not, so I'm going to post a link for your consideration.

Thanks, Jeff.

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Shouldn't you actually post some examples of knowledge of history and use some logic before bragging about it? So far all I've seen from you is one post yapping about some irrelevant poll that you cite without posting a link to prove it's existence, and another post wherein you boast about your supposed command of logic and history.

In short, I'm not impressed. Try again troll. I'm patient.

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More proof that the left are the ones waging a war on women.

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Apparently there's Nutting to see here, so move along.

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I am always armed when I leave my home. The only time I do not have my pistol with me, is when I enter a government building where they do not allow guns and those times my weapon is only as far away as my car. A well armed populace would prevent things like this from happening. All that would need to happen, is for thugs like this to do it once and get shot in the process by legally armed citizens. After that, no other punks would have the guts to try it.