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Adam and Alec are not related.

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Fortunately, here in Aus, it hasn't suffered from the censor's scissors yet.
It was on last Saturday night. Still makes my sides hurt!

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Speaking from a strictly aesthetic point of view, that is a very nice arse in those white trousers. ;-)

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Helen Mirren was a doll at 25. She was one of the hottest babes in the world in her time.

Watch Excalibur.

She's way older than I am, but I still believe she's hotter than most of the young Borg actresses of today.

What also makes her so attractive is that total self-confidence in herself. She has absolutely no need to prove anything to anyone. She just is.

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Speaking as an Aussie Sheila,

miss Garofalo would be called a scrag, or a bush pig.

My personal preference would be to call her a bush pig.

Sheila, in aussie, is just another way of saying bird, broad, chick etc.
It is not a derogatory term.

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That was one of the best movies made in the last twenty years.

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Hi dodgergirl,

I followed a link from an aussie site to Big Hollywood the day after it started. I've been following Big since it started.
Yes, I'm conservative and libertarian. If that is not a paradox!

Quite a few aussie's follow the Big sites. You can often see a link to a story on the Big sites on one of our aussie blogs.

A lot of conservative bloggers and commenters over here keep track of what's happening in the States. We seem to be having parallel problems right now.

It's 11 am, sunday morning here. Eastern Time. I live an hour's drive south of Sydney.

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, but you are welcome to email me. I can't promise I'll answer straight away, but I will get back to you. I live on a small farm and keep pretty busy with the livestock and my vegetable garden. Plus my husband and son.

We have something similar to netflix here, it's through Big Pond, our biggest telco and internet provider. I haven't signed up yet.

It's been a pleasure to meet you dodgergirl.

Cheers, Pogria.

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Remember Barbara Stanwyck's character brought her brother and his family over from New Zealand to run the property? Jean Simmons played the brother's wife. They had a heap of sons and only one daughter, Megan.

She was critical to the story.

See if you can round up a copy of the Thornbirds and watch it again. Maybe Netflix?

We don't have Netflix here in Aus yet. sigh..........................

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She was Meggie's mother.