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don't put to much faith in Time Warner. A left wing package like Al Jazeera could sincerely eat away at CNN's profits.

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that makes sense. my father for example in the United States had a Pakistani doctor operate on him after a major automobile accident and he's in great shape. I remember hearing the doctor's name was going to be doctor Zohan, and I said is he Israeli?, and my mother said no... and I won't deny I was scared. We basically gave the permission to a Pakistani to take a knife to my father and slit him open and tie his intestines. My father is ok now, so while I realize that the third world doctors are not up to level... I've had experience with this too in Mexico with an American working in Mexico who we had to pay off with money, so that I could get onto an airline after 911. Actually the doctor was nice to accept the money... if that sounds odd... welcome to the third world. We paid the doctor to say I had been administered Haldol... because the Mexicans thought the Jews committed 911 and arrested me on the airplane and didn't want to be sued for falsely arresting me.

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does this include doctors from the background and were trained in the UK?

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David when I go to Google and search for JIDF this comes up. That is fine of course, but you might want to look into some of the other libels going down.

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The NY papers made it seem like she was this honorable whistle blower and she turns out to be skank. Just goes to show that a man's loyalty is pretty much decided by where his genitals were last night. Let's dig up Peter Jennings and ask him. I got a shovel.

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you'd have to prove we had the device. that might not be legal, but I'm innocent until you prove it.

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you sicken me

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Carfano had me in agreement till he started talking about fixing. We don't fix what we break anymore. We let these cultures deal with their own self destruction. Nation building is what Bush did wrong. Let's not have Obama come back in four years or someone like him. Let's insure this by not spending on other countries in any way unless they are already a friend.

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Too many think that vices have the same effects on society. Smoking a Jay is not the equivalent of buying sex. You should have the right to do what you want with your own body as long as it doesn't effect others. Too many young women have no choice but to sell themselves. When you become the demand you have become a criminal.

That said... too many of the supposed feminists see Prostitution and pornography as the only business opportunity for women. They are wrong and they don't give women enough credit.

transparency: I worked for the Yellowpages in NYC which advertised for escorts. my opinion doesn't come without actually seeing the business end of this. I thought my hands were clean of this. I was wrong. There is nothing that disgusts me more then seeing people have to betray their dignity for a dollar. The relationship I was in at the time I was working for the Yellowpages was with a drug addict who had to sell herself outside of our relationship.

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I agree Fabio. Frontpage is betraying its bias here. There is no doubt that a religious site was desecrated. As a Jew I would not want my synagogue treated this way. It's disgusting to see how feminists just can't see that these girls committed a hate crime. I'm no fan of Putin... I'm obviously not a Christian, but at least I'm objective. I'm disappointed in this editorial. I'm also disappointed in our President. If this kind of thing happened in a Muslim country there would be no public outcry from our liberals.