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That's what I was thinking. I know its in bad taste but I couldn't help it.

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Jai Hind Vijay! Jai America!

-Ayo Gorkhali

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I was really impressed by this. If people do not stand together then we are all guilty of the injustice that we will face in the future.

I was also very impressed to see the Namdhari Sikhs out in full force and a Namdhari Sikh woman and child (in stroller).

-Ayo Gorkhali

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I am so sorry everyone, but the photo only brought one thought to my mind:

"Love in Iraq"

-Ayo Gorkhali

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My friend, make no mistake, although the Pashtuns despise the Pakis, the Baluchis hate Pakistan......in the end when the call for Jihad against the infidels goes out, they are all brothers.

The Sindhis are just as fanatical.

-Ayo Gorkhali

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When (Dutch ambassador to Indonesia) Nikolaos van Dam's head and ass are less polarized, let me know.

-Ayo Gorkhali

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All Jews are ex-muslims.....never surprised me at how messed up they really are.

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This is very sad, however not surprising.

I am sure they will find refuge in India, however they will not find justice for what has been done to them.

I often do wonder what the Akalistani Sikh Separatists think of all this since they had sided with Pakistan and sought the help of Muslims against India. I did not find any reports of this matter on the Akalistan websites, makes me wonder just how truly concerned are they at the persecution of the Sikh community.

And I have to make it clear that not all Sikhs are in support of Akalistan, that is why it never succeeded as a movement. At least I know none of my Sikh cousins support the separatist movement.

Even if the community had paid in full, it would have only bought them time before the Islamites had demanded their daughters and children to enter the folds of Islam and then finally who ever was left. In many ways its a blessing that they leave the region now before the bloodbath truly begins.

Sadly, India is not ruled by people who are qualified to rule. India could easily make a stand and protect these people, however the sad reality is that the present rulers of India are impotent in even protecting their own public, where the Kashmir valley is a perfect example, both Hindu and Sikh communities have been eradicated from the once peaceful valley. The rulers of India rely too much upon the martial groups of India to constantly make the great sacrifices to defend the nation and its people while the Indian government mismanages the situation.

In the end, General Zia-ul-Haq's dream of an Islamic Pakistan is bearing fruit and the words of Jinnah are gaining new vigor.

I only hope that Gurudwaras (Sikh Temples) bring this issue to the attention of the wider Sikh community and that it hits the media circles to bring more awareness of the religious tolerance of Islam.

-Ayo Gorkhali