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Igor The Troll


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Go to an Orthodox synagogue and try to learn Torah! It is free!

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Noah,they have something important to say but they losing their massage.

You will find your answer in Shabbas! Learn about Shabbas and Shma Israel.

Shabbat Shalom means Peace on Shabbas!

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Homer is the messiah! Time to rebuild the Temple! LOL

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Now you will have all the TROLLs LOL

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We are ONE
Baruch Hashem, Amein

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Dear Elder of Zion, ignore the Troll. Or better off send him to Mossad! ;-)

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Brian, one thing you need to make clear! JIDF is NOT a Hate group! If you say you support the work and efforts of JIDF, how can you call it a HATE group?

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Noah, if you isolate people and build walls, what is next? WAR

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I see Antisemitism and persecution on all networks: Google, Twitter, FaceBook, and Wikipedia. Most of the time it is subtle, not blatant like "Kill all Juice!" But the liberal admins tend to be biased against the Jews especially the one's who are pro-Israel.

This hurts all of us Jewish and non Jewish users, because it creates a divide aka Fire Wall between the ethnicities. There needs to be tolerance on all sides, but hatred and persecution of people cannot be tolerated.

Giving a platform to Holocaust Denial groups on FaceBook is not tolerance, but Hate Speech! We do not condone rewriting history! If we do, Fascism will happen again, and again!