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8 years ago @ Wonkette - Mitt Romney Decides He... · 0 replies · +25 points

"You won't have Nixon to kick around any more" spoken 6 years before he ran for President again & won.

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Morning Maddow: Americ... · 0 replies · +5 points

I was really looking forward to following the new "Gay Bryan Fischer" on Twitter. He would be so much happier if he came out, and his hair is fabulous!

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Boehner And McConnell ... · 1 reply · +21 points

RULEZ ARE TEH BAD unless they are rulez controlling the lady parts, for protecting all teh little fetus babbies.

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Carly Fiorina Will Be ... · 3 replies · +25 points

Demon Sheep Lady is a serial Corporation Killer, she also murdered to death Lucent and Compaq. Since Corporation Are People, shouldn't she be serving life in prison?

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Obama's Free Socialist... · 1 reply · +20 points

I graduated college in 1986, and even with Pell grants I owed student loans of $5000, which was paid off within two years.

Also too: I graduated with a Mathematics degree, and worked in STEM for 25 years and I STILL MAKE ONLY 5 FIGURES. What up with that?

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Joni Ernst: Let Them W... · 0 replies · +6 points

If she grew up on a farm where they grew all their own food and everything, didn't they also bake their own bread? So were they buying all this store-bought day old stale bread and feeding it to the hogs so they could use the bags to cover their feet?

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Joni Ernst: Let Them W... · 2 replies · +25 points

When I was a kid, the live-in-nanny put plastic bags over my shoes so my feet would slip easily into the galoshes. I had more than one pair of shoes. Duh and a live-in nanny.

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Stalkers! Lady Beaters... · 0 replies · +10 points

Well, shitfire. Here all this time I'm like Yeah Michigan, at least we're not Florida. And now we are Florida, but with temperatures in the 10's instead of the '80's.

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Charles Koch Wishes Co... · 0 replies · +20 points

Well there is that little thing when Koch industries liable for the deaths of two teenagers in a pipeline explosion, also too when workers die in industrial accidents caused by not observing tyrannical federal safety laws because Freedoms!

8 years ago @ Wonkette - Topless Lady Steals Je... · 2 replies · +30 points

FEMEN are the PETA of feminism