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pretty sure he claims to live in Israel. he might own that property though. i believe he's from atlanta originally.

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there's nothing in Facebook TOS about using curse words. You've missed the point completely. And it's too late. We're blocked from being able to post on any of our properties for 30 days. in the midst of a major war. this is not about a curse word. you should really read the dozens of articles we have done about this same issues. this is about facebook systemic abuse and hostility toward those who have views (ie. Jewish and pro-Israel) that the company is inherently biased against. we've consulted with many experts and lawyers who agree that what we posted was not remotely against the TOS. so again, focusing on "fuck" is really not the issue here at all. have you never seen the dozens of "fuck israel" groups on Facebook? that right there should prove to you that the company has no policy against the word "fuck"

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Yes, and we are pursuing these guys legally, as well. Thank you for your input.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Lovely to know there are such Jew haters in Toronto:

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thank you for your contribution!: http://cl.ly/image/1Q2D1A3r0Z2b

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One guy wrote and claimed, "Pasmanick is actually a good man whom I've had the pleasure of knowing since2005. He is a retired commander in the Israeli border police and bleeds blue and white. Philip is a true Zionist who does not sell tshirts for profit and certainly does not accept donations on his website!!"
But none of that is in question! The question is, why would a guy like that, spam Nazi videos that mock the Holocaust? Why would he plagiarize and promote the lies of Israel hater, Richard Silverstein? Why does he spread lies about us, and others? And he has indeed spread lies, and just some of them are outlined, above. You seem to think because he supposedly served, that gives him a license to harass and defame people? Well we don't think so. He is not above the law, which we think he has been repeatedly breaking since May 2013 when he started spreading this nonsense about us, and others. There's something terribly wrong with any Jews or Israel supporters who are OK with someone abusing their status like this. If he did serve, like he and others claim he did, then we respect that. But again, that does not excuse what he is doing and has done, as we have described, above. For any Jews or Israel supporters to be OK with it, or to look the other way, just because he supposedly served---well, that's is extremely problematic.

....And so what if we ask for help in covering our basic expenses? Many organizations do. That is besides the point.

Great job completely avoiding the true issues here, though, "Adam." Really!

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oh? what are you claiming is "racist" about it, exactly?

....and chances are, if you're not upset by the story itself, you probably don't have much pride in your religion in the first place (if you are indeed Jewish, that is...)

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Thank you to the above commenter:

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no we don't.

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thank you. you can connect with us on twitter and facebook and through our email subscriptions. it's all on the right column here on our site.