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If our government had even a shred of any legitimate evidence of guilt for these men they would never have been released. The sad truth about Gitmo is that many of the men were not terrorists, jihadists, or anything other than in the wrong place when reward money was being doled out to anyone who turned up with a "terrorist."

By not holding proper trials during the Bush years, we never actually separated the guilty from the innocent. What good is our system of justice if we don't believe that it actually works?

A horrible injustice was done to many people during the Bush years and I hope that these traumatized men who were ripped from their homes and families can at last find some peace in their lives. Thank God we finally have an intelligent and moral man in The White House.

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One of the reasons I've been away from this forum is that incessant high-pitched, whining sound of axes grinding.

When I read these very biased and often boorish comments about President Obama and our Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton it makes me wonder if the things you people are saying about Islam is also lacking in credibility.

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Dumbledoresarmy, For me, one of the most frustrating things about reading this website is the feeling of helplessness. It's hard for me to comprehend the violence and hatred of these horrible acts done in the name of their god. I can read about it and know what is happening and still not understand it. It is beyond comprehension to me that someone would kill a child or model their life after a man who lusted after little girls.

You are so right to remind us - those of us who are Christian - we must never lose sight of our calling to share the love of God with everyone, including those poor souls enslaved to Islam. How many of us, who read and comment in this community, would be any different had we been born where they are?

We who live in freedom where it is safe to be a Christian must never forget our brave brothers and sisters whose lives are at risk under the sword of Islam. The least we can do is pray and send what financial support we can.

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Part 2.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that it wouldn't work with Muhammed though, would it?

Any little children at Muhammed's feet who were not his progeny would have been his slaves, their parents having been killed in a booty raid. And the loving gaze of Jesus would be replaced with the leer of a man turned on by six year old girls.

Maybe it's just as well that they don't make images of their prophet.

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Part 1.

When I was a child there was a picture hanging on the wall in my Sunday School classroom with Jesus sitting among a group of happy children, some of them on his lap, others sitting at his feet gazing at Him. There was an inscription underneath with that verse from the gospel of Luke which starts out with the words "Suffer the little children..." And I remember being puzzled, because even as a five-year-old I knew that Jesus would never make children suffer. Then of course, my Sunday School teacher explained that the word "suffer" was used differently today than it was when the Bible was translated into King James English.

That image of Jesus helped shape my concept of God and my self worth. I knew in my heart of hearts that He was the Good Shepherd who would drop everything to come rescue a little lamb (or a little child like me) and that there was no safer place to be than with The Lord.

I wonder how different Islam would be today, if followers grew up seeing a picture of Muhammed sitting peacefully with little children?

(continued in Part 2)

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It just goes to show's a universal truth...

Wedding gigs are the worst.

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bigWhiskey, Do you know whether or not the Muslims who are "likely to have no qualifications" are first-generation immigrants or are they second generation born-and-raised in Scotland? Also, are you aware of any studies or statistics on how well the second/third generation Muslim descendants in Europe are actually assimilating; for example in education, employment, income, participation in the mainstream?

Thanks -- BertieM.

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MattPM -- I think you've got something there...if you kill off the best "workers" it only makes sense that the worker pool will start to go downhill. Great.... so now we have to be worried about incompetent suicide bombers...Oh Lord, what next?

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This string of comments sort of reminds me of the old "Saturday Night Live" sketch..."It's a dessert topping.....No, It's a floor polish"...

I'm wondering why it is important to categorize Islam as either a strictly a religion or a political system.

It is only in recent times that the two -- religion and state -- have even been separated. At one time God/King/Country were all woven of the same warp and woof everywhere. Islam, being permanently time-warped in the 7th century has never actually separated church from state, as other civilizations have. (It's both a dessert topping AND a floor polish!).

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Danke OldNotFool,   Actually, I tell you the truth when I say that I am the blessed one to have her.  Having a child with Down syndrome can act as a sort of karmic inner-asshole removal system.  She changed the way I view everything and I am amazed at how ridiculous I was before her.  Believe me, she is the gift of which I am the happy receiver.   Und, mein freidenkender Freund --  'bout the Arab Mutti -- you ain't kiddin'!  I'm always telling the kids that they won the birth lotto to be born in a free country.