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This is totally unacceptable, and we can not let this go unpunished!

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Not surprising, but unacceptable!!!

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My bad I gave credit for the post to the wrong person (see teach me to trust a liberal - Francis gave credit to Evrviglnt, and it was really mpinkeyes). However, I will take full responsibillity for not checking my own work prior to submitting. Great post mpinkeyes!!!!!

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Evrviglnt, outstanding posts and way to make liberals see themselves for who they really are. They like to dance the Texas Two-Step when called out on the topics you mention. They will say they aren't opposed to things and are in favor of other things, but the proof is in the pudding. See how the people they vote for actually vote on these issues. It's pretty cut and dried to me! Again, great post and comment!

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Wow, I guess this site isn't exactly what I blog for if this post is an indication of what is in store. Let's see, I find a put down of the Religious Right (I suppose I qualify), Republicans (I am one) called two-year olds, and there's the support for the end of the war and I'm a member of Vets for Freedom who doesn't support any outcome other than Victory in Iraq.

What a major disappointment to read this post. Tony, you are probably a very good person and I do appreciate the fact you weren't an "in your face" person from the left, but I totally disagree with what you say, and I don't spend much time reading the points of view of those who are totally opposite of mine.

I'm not into the debate "stuff", I'm into the education "stuff" and the only education I get from this is keeping up with what the other side is doing. Cyber Pastor

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I believe someone said earlier that the verdict was out on "NoKo" - which is RIGHT smack on target. With the possibility of them being in bed with Syria, and possibly the site the Israelis wiped out a few weeks ago, I think we better leave them in the "Axis" for a while.

And might I add that after talking with actual boots on the ground soldiers who had been in Iraq that were 100% positive that weapons were coming in from Iran - then whoever said we were already at war with Iran in Iraq nailed it as well.

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Outstanding article, and I voted for it a RCP!

Let me share a story that happened in the 2004 election process, when my youngest daughter was in middle school.

Nearly every day, she would come home and tell me the latest "Mrs. English Teacher" story that included bashing President Bush.

Now this is in small-town, conservative Indiana mind you. One day she came home and said, "Dad, you won't believe this one! Mrs. English Teacher said that we had better be worried if Bush gets re-elected, because he will be bringing back the draft, and you will be draft-aged before he leaves office!"

Just imagine what goes on in the liberal parts of the country!!!!

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Roger, you continue to produce outstanding articles that are timely and needed! Give me a little heads up if I am going to need to pack for Damascus, as I will need to raise the necessary funds for my trip (most pastors are not rich as some would have you to believe). However, I think the time needed to raise the funds will far exceed the total amount needed, as I would probably have until "hell freezes over" to get that done!

Also, I am not going to say much about aaron's "typical" remarks from those Christian skeptics other than this. There is a book called "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel. He was a non-believer who wanted to prove to his wife (a Christian) that same type comments made by aaron were true and accurate. What happened was that when he did his research - which was very in-depth, he found that the "evidence" was overwhelming that the Bible is accurate and the "case for Christ" was more than provable - he became a believer.

Way to Go Roger on another great post - and get ready. When you speak up for Christ, the onslaught normally begins and can get very nasty!

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You really missed my point. I'm saying that if they support Mohammed, whose teachings say that you and I should be killed because we are not Muslim (I will assume you are not Muslim as I don't know much about you), then I think we both know why they aren't shouting out against the extremeists.

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Christians who oppose theocrasy - I would think that all Christians oppose theocrasy (1. A mixture of the worship of different gods, as of Jehovah and idols. - Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary,). I support a woman's right to chose most things excluding the murder of unborn babies. I think that killing gays is a horrible idea, and I'm not quite sure how your final question on evolution and religion is even answerable. Now I will be waiting to hear from the moderate Muslims who not are opposed to killing you and I because we are not Muslim as Mohammed would have them do!