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10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - Continetti On Clinton ... · 0 replies · +3 points

What complete bull shyte!
He has to send the missiles or drop the bombs now or he'll look like a complete wuss for the whole world to see.
He can't have that! His ego simply won't allow it.
Even his base doesn't want him to do it according to Chris Hayes and if your loyal butt munchers at MSDNC are saying this...well...
He lets the ambassador and 3 brave men die in Libya and does absolutely nothing about it. His DoJ runs guns and get's Brian Terry along with hundreds of Mexicans killed with them and he does nothing about it.
He draws a "red line" a year ago and despite examples of gas being used after that, he does nothing about it.
He can't pass up this opportunity 'cause he knows the whole world will be snickering behind his back (except Putin who will do it to his face!).
In fact, if he does nothing again, expect the Russians to take back Georgia within a couple of months.
God! Has the ever been a worse president?

10 years ago @ Commentary Magazine - No, College Football I... · 0 replies · +6 points

Apparently, the "seeking" of racism has become the single, most important activity of lib'ruls these days, Jack.
At least until Pantsuit runs.
Then, like a well oiled machine, it will turn to the "seeking" of misogyny.
These things, of course, can only be found among the ranks of the opposition.
It never occurs within the ranks of lib'ruls *cough* Filner *cough*.

10 years ago @ Commentary Magazine - No, College Football I... · 0 replies · +4 points

Seeing as lib'ruls take the word of other lib'ruls in higher education as gospel these days, I just know those lib'ruls, sometimes involved in politics or the government bureaucracy that makes rules and regulations, will want to "do something" based on the ravings of this Margolis clown.
I feel like I'm living in bizarro world or something!
What Reagan said about liberals was actually too kind. You know, the one about what they know is wrong.
Nope, they just make shyte up out of thin air.

10 years ago @ http://www.bluecollarp... - The Next Trayvon Marti... · 0 replies · +3 points

Martin took Zimmerman following him as a sign of disrespect.
We all know the natural course of a black man who thinks he's been dissed. Not all, of course, but the papers are full of such stories and rap music tells young black men how to react to dissing.
It doesn't take a heck of a lot and sometimes, the white guy doesn't even know he's doing it (because he isn't. That's how hair trigger this "diss" thing is.)
The last straw for Martin though, was that he thought he was being dissed by a gay man.
He was already at home, 100 yards from where the altercation finally took place, when the subject of Zimmerman came up as a gay rapist.
Martin was having none of that! He walked back to lay a beating on a guy he thought was gay. An easy task. In the mind of a bigot.
He was wrong.
As such, he was the author of his own demise.
Why aren't the demonstrations as big as expected? Because blacks already know what really happened (at least, as far as they know what they would have done).
Just like the putz in the video.

10 years ago @ The Heritage Foundry - Australia‚Äôs Carbon P... · 0 replies · +3 points

Though I will agree that any cap and trade scheme will, no doubt, raise the cost of everything (and will do nothing to address it's intended purpose), to say I'm skeptical of any projections out to the year 2035 would be an understatement.
I put about as much stock in the figures noted here as I do those proffered by the warmistas or the CBO.

10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - Earnest: White House S... · 1 reply · +3 points

It is way past overload but, Rachel Jeantel (Martin's girlfriend) has gone on the liberal lecture circuit and she's saying some pretty surprising and damning things.
Apparently, the LSM and the prosecutor are ignoring the fact that Martin may very well have gotten himself killed during the commission of a hate crime. He went back, from the safety of his own house to deliver a beat down on a guy he perceived as gay.
This is coming from the state's star witness.
She'll be on MSDNC tonight with Rev. Al.
Ace says he already received a note from the guy who writes the sub-titles there. He committed suicide and the note says, "Avenge me!"

10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - Obama to police: Confess · 0 replies · +3 points

C'mon folks! Remember where this happened.
It's not that the act of writing with chalk was an act of vandalism. It's the chalk dust!
Kalifornia has regulations against the scourge of chalk dust in the air!
I wonder if "Filthy" Filner took a shine to Olsen though.

10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - Blame BlackLivesMatter... · 1 reply · +2 points

Hey. Bribe money has to be paid sometimes.
Where better to get the funds to do it than from dumb Americans?

10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - Survey: Consumer Finan... · 2 replies · +7 points

A big ol' Happy Independence Day from your friends in Costa Rica!
And many more!

10 years ago @ Conservative Victory News - CNBC Shows Stocks Tumb... · 0 replies · +2 points

Nothing to do with oral sex, Billy? ;-)