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They were idiots, you had time to consider the choices and chose to be an atheist. Who are they to decide you had to have another better choice in the wings ready for their approval.

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Shame the settlement isn't going to be paid by the liberal scum that had him fired.
The poor taxpayers will be footing the bill no doubt.

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Remember the time when a crime family pushing for riots and mobs would have been facing a trial for sedition at least?

Jeff Sessions has to go.

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She has got to be kidding.

As if lying about a man to destroy his career and family is civil?

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I wasn't replying to Jack.
Now, try reading my comment again. I'm sure you do have the ability, so I won't level lame insults.

I've dealt with alinsky before. Like most atheists he is a humanist. I don't see that as insulting or a smear, but a reality. If you don't believe in a higher power then you depend on human agents and abilities in life. And atheism does have dogma, the first and foremost one being no god exists.

I don't see my question to him as controversial. It was a serious question and one that has gone unanswered.

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We now know Soros part in all of this.

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Impeachment is an extreme event, If Obama wasn't impeached for Fast and Furious, or Holder for the actions that led to 'contempt of Congress' then just political considerations don't merit the "Impeachment" action.

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All the lies and smears came to nothing.
There still might be hope for this great nation.

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Neither of those two countries have our best interest at heart. But at least we know we can deal with Russia. China? The situation reminds me of Japan just before WW2. I know we need to confront them, but I hope it doesn't lead to another Pearl Harbor when China realizes they can't compete economically.

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Ford is not even RINO.
She is a trained psychologist able to manipulate the human mind. Her performance was what could be expected, but things don't add up. Her angst at the polygraph for example when it was only 2 questions long.

We don't know the guy did anything, we only know she has incomplete memories and none of the reaction one might expect from a victim of a sexual assault. She might be entirely as reliable as her fear of flying, which isn't really.