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It would seem to me that if a leader makes decisions that leaves his people poor and struggling, if that leader makes decisions that leave it exposed befor the entire world as weak and it's military crippled, that leader is a failure.

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Do you even know what the term NAZI was? The nationalist socialist party of Germany. They were leftists, demanding the state had all the power and people had no choices.

Don't blame me.

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The people who speak of Nazi-anything need to understand something.
The far right in Europe is different than the far right in the US. In Europe the far right is a militant fascist power hungry tool for dictatorship.

The far right in the US is a libertarian type thought that wants limited government to the point where Government can't blow it's own nose without checking with the voters first.

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Russia recognizes their independence.
But if Ukraine is accepted into the EU, thanks to the invasion.... will the EU recognize that independence?

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I think he was insulting Bibi for not laying down and letting the islamists murder the entire population of Jews.

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There was the entire 9/11 thing and the Taliban gave sanctuary to the wrong people. An act of war, it generates a response. Whether it was the right response or not is another topic. But the world should not have been surprised when the US did respond.

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The Taliban threw out America. Why should America enter the situation on any level at all? They were tossed out in disgrace they need to just walk away and let the Taliban learn just how stupid they are.

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The Washington Empire is controlled by them. If their system or agenda is making Washington die, isn't that a warning not to trust them?

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Ah, you want to have it both ways. Historically it was atheist communists, (you can pretend there is a difference between those who support the writings of Marx, but it's only by degrees). ones that said religion was bad and the government was the new god. They were the ones that murdered 120 million since the fall of Imperial Russia. You are in that camp, as a socialist that wants Karl Marx to decide how people are treated. It never ends well. Jut because you haven't killed anyone means only that you haven't been in a place to tell someone that they own. nothing and if they try to resist you will force your political values on them. Look at East Germany, those guards hadn't killed anyone, until they tried to escape.

Capitalism hasn't murdered anyone. They have defended themselves against hostile forces and people have died. Capitalists want to protect capital. Socialists want government to decide how capital will be allocated. Governments have murdered people, capitalists will avoid conflict unless it threatens them.

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Communism has killed more than any religion.
Perhaps you need to change your opinion and hate atheists.