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If you don't like it, leave.

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Cry a little more fundie. This is a democracy and you lost. hahaha

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If there is another civil war, the south will be destroyed again.

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I'm sure Reagan was having sex with young boys as well. He is a conservative.

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So you want to murder a bunch of people in real-life based on your imagination? What could possibly go wrong

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I hate to break it to you, but most democratic countries have nuclear weapons. What exactly makes you believe that Iranian reformists do not want to continue the nuclear program?

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The GOP needs to go die in a fire. They want to get innocent Iranians killed just to boost their own ego. These are the same people who thought the Iraq war was a great idea and didn't know the difference between Sunni and Shiite. The Iranian conservatives are doing the same thing American conservatives did in the 50's. They are trying to blame dissent on foreign influence to justify imprisoning protesters and breaking up rallies. You guys need to keep your mouths shut. This is not your revolution and nobody wants your "help." You are not freedom fighters, you are a bunch of overweight senior citizens sitting on your couches, eating ring dings and watching Fox News. /reality check

The last thing Iranians need is more right-wing religious nutjobs poisoning the well of freedom.

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Finally an honest conservative post. You would kill every liberal if you could get away with it. By the way, did I spit on you last weekend? Sorry if I missed, it was windy.

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The debate must be too "intense" for you. Good thing you had your buddies to swoop in and delete my comments. Who needs the fairness doctrine? Censorship is in full effect at Big Hollywood.

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Nobody cares. Letterman's ratings are through the roof. You need to understand that you are the bad guys and nobody feels any "empathy" for you. Don't like it? Do something positive for society, otherwise get used to being rejected by the American public. Get used to having more shoes thrown at you and people having fun at your expense. It is becoming an American past-time.