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Huh, Troll who didn't research and assumed that "we" have wrong, that's a new concept. Next time why don't you do your research before commenting so you don't look like an idiot?

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I've been studying the Phelps cult for a few years now and I have come to the conclusion that Phelps has something dark in his past (child abuse/molestation) that to appease his conscious he has to verbally spew his UNBIBLICAL hatred onto other people. It's not just homosexuals or soldiers but anyone who even tries to be nice to them or who disagrees with them. I've watched a few documentaries on this cult and it breaks my heart how these 90 people are destroying the lives of others and pushing them further away from the truth.

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I am not a fan of SNL but it seems to me that them poking fun at Obama during the election was even "worse" than this sketch. Armisen didn't even SOUND like Obama in this sketch while in previous ones he has gotten the speech pattern down to an art. Epic Fail SNL, EPIC EPIC FAIL!

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The hatred towards America is Bush's Fault and has absolutely NOTHING to do with Hollywood!

Really? Because when I went to Australia, even though they're a socialist-lite nation they liked Americans AND President Bush. To my surprise they stated to me that THEY felt safer because BUSH was in office. This was expressed to me by several different people without me asking their opinion on politics. In fact my American companion had more of a problem with Bush than many people from foreign nations that I have met on my travels which I believe has to do with the far left media and Hollywood.

Also I think these opinions from other countries is also fueled by the younger generation who has no freakin' clue what is going on in their OWN politics let alone American politics. I see this from some of my friends overseas...they will have tons of stuff to say about how horrible America and Bush are but when it comes to their own political affairs they are ignorant and most of the information they get is from the biased media outlets we have and Hollywood. ;)

Also one other minor point...being against gay marriage is NOT Homophobia and being against Obama's POLICIES is not racist. ;)

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Way to go Red Eye!! I am so glad that despite its 3am showing that the ratings are up! I love this show, but as others have stated it is not a good time slot for me to watch it since I am a full time student and I have work early in the morning.

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Hmmm...I think a better reasoning should be since homeschoolers are beating Public Schoolers every year in spelling bees and intelligence tests that more hands on and personal schooling works better than the public school system. ;)

(I thank God every day that my parents chose to home school me! I did have a few years of private school so perhaps I should be thankful as well that I was not put into Public School!)

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I LOVED Rush on Leno last night! <3 <3 Especially the part when he ran over Al Gore twice!!!

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The news of his approval rating being emberassingly low is the best news I've heard all year long! Finally some good news...too bad none of the MSM is COVERING it. If Bush had this low of an approval rating in his first year We must also remember, Bush didn't have September 11 to boost his approval ratings at this moment in this first year of his presidency...Comparatively Obama's is STILL lower. I wonder if he will even recognize 9/11

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I just wanted to say how much I love Big Hollywood and my fellow users who comment. Ya'll are awesome!