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I can give you a preview of the speech right now...Lies, Lies, and more Lies, then he will end the speech with "its Bush's fault."

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I guess Hope and Change mean "call your opponents names and don't call attention to your own record".

If the MSM just did their job, this country would be whole again, versus the situation we have now.

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Wait, I'm confused. It seems that the only thing this failure has done is campaign for his next term since being sworn into office 3 years ago.
So when did he stop? Was it on that 4 million dollar taxpayer paid vacation? So basically this fool is going to ask for another 4 million dollar vacation while the rest of us eat sh!t sandwiches. Hope and change.

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What's really sad is the MSM is making the GOP look like grinches when they are trying to save working Americans $1000 and the DNC is talking about $160.

the funny part, this is not a tax cut, its the money we put towards our retirement.

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I think you might be wrong here. See the 60 days of tax cuts would cause so many down stream issues that its not really worth it in the long run. Also the Senate is controlled by Democrats and they only wanted a 60 day cut since that's good press, trouble is the Republicans went along with it and that was not a good idea.

Finally, its not really a tax cut, or a break. Its really taking money from your retirement savings taht you would get later in life when you have no income.

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I'll explain it, the dam country is BROKE!! Just like if a private business was broke they'd cut prices and lower wages to keep their business in the black!

And before anyone says anything I'm a federal employee and see that if we dont get this country in the black we'll all be broke or worse.

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This country can not survive another four years of this fool!

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I wonder if I can go to a bank, get hundreds of thousands of dollars, not have any details or documentation and walk out with tons of cash? Its the same idea that Obummer is doing, only difference is I am pocketing the money versus some union thug.

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The only thing this bozo could have said that would have helped is "effective immediately I resign as President and I’m taking Joe bite me with me”. John the oval office is yours.

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Wait, under Bush we had job growth and 4.8% unemployment...under this crew we have 9.2%+ and rising and he wants to stop the GOP..... Think he needs to put the crack pipe down and let some fresh air into his lungs