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And since we're on the topic... my next-door-neighbour is an ex-communicated nun. She leaves all of her table scraps underneath a tree for the crows and has about three dozen bird feeders in her garden. She said that making friends with birds is like seeing the face of god.

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I grew up Catholic and have a pretty Thumbs-Down view of that whole ordeal, but I love nuns. I can't decide if they are the awesomest or the bestest, especially now that they're civilly disobedient as fuck. Just look at them: they tend to the poor and say 'bortions are ok if the lady might die, and they make people feel really bad for thinking fracking might be a good idea for their town. Plus they're super fun to get arrested with.

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I'm incredibly fond of nuns.

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The one just outside of Bridgeport was always my favourite.

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Speaking of which... did you ever get a response from his lawyers?

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I just ordered mine! I'm going to be the envy of everyone at school!

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I moved away shortly after the grip of stabbings and dead-prostitute-in-dumpster on Monroe Ave. Best of luck to you!

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This would never happen in Galt's Gulch.

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Alexander Shulgin disagrees.

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A girl I went to grade school with had a similar experience; she was in an auto wreck and subsequent coma, and when she awoke and came back to school she kept telling everyone that she had gone to heaven and wouldn't shut up about how amazing it was. Whatever it was she experienced was so powerful that she kept trying to kill herself to get back there. Fortunately she was only 9 and she wasn't very good at it. I lost track of her after her parents opted for permanent institutionalisation.
Of course, we know now that people in comas have very confused neurons and that pleasure centres are hyperstimulated as well. So yeah, what is he smoking?