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Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Jim Hillyer should form the 'Landed Ass-Backwards into the House of Commons' caucus when they finally get to Ottawa.

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Alternate realities, eh? Has anybody run the possibilities if Iggy had an evil, menacing goatee, and Stephen Harper had a 'Tantalus Field' that made his enemies vanish from existence?

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As a six-cup-a-day nymphomaniac with bad allergies, this report is disconcerting.

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Rightly or wrongly, Iggy seems to be taking this awful personally.

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'They are getting rid of a big subsidy.'

If I send $100 bucks to the Conservatives, I get $75 back come tax time. Are you telling me the tax-rebate subsidy isn't bigger than the per-vote subsidy? Is that true? (I'm honestly not sure… these aren't sarcastic questions.)

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'I don't think even the most hardcore CPC attack goons would have seen him pulling this move off *this* fast.'

And what would you and the CPC attack goons expect him to do… ideally? What would be out of reach of your ridicule? What? Just curious.

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Nah… it was simple ideologic pandering. But Stephen Taylor gave a pretty good explanation a few months back:

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"that is, frankly, the road we are going with the short-form census as well"

That doesn't sound like a statement of opinion, sounds like a statement of fact.

Also, if the 'plan' is to make the short-form census optional, just get rid of it altogether and stop wasting time and money. Why pay for bad information when you can get no information for free?

Dumb with a capital D.

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You must have heard chet retired and you're stepping up to the plate for the cause… you're off to a great start! Toss in a few returns and you're right there.