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Considering how accurate all the political analysts were guessing the election outcome, perhaps we can consider relying on their opinions as jump-off points for discussion a bit less?

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Hey, she's already had more private-sector work experince than Tony Clement.

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She's following in the steps of Sir John A. Elected in 1878 to the riding of Victoria, BC. A chunk of the country he never visited.

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So, you're saying you don't like democracy because voters are stupid?

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"several residents of the riding are outraged that Ms Brousseau hasn't visited the riding since the floods began a few days ago."

But not so outraged that the same issue would stop her from winning the seat. Selective outrage, it seems.

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She was referring to speculation that she would refuse the job. Seems a not unreasonable response to "Now that you have the job, what now?' I suspect that would have been my reaction.

For a municipal candidate that appears to be lacking in "sticking to that...", may I refer you to new MP for Mississauga-Brampton South, Eve Adams. Left her seat on Mississauga City Council once she won her riding as MP, just 6 months after taking the council seat. That's a $500,000 byelection right there.

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I actually took part in the debates. It was the only campaigning I could afford to do.

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I once ran in a municipal election. I fully expected to lose, but was prepared, should a meteor take out the other candidates, to do my best. I think that's her point as well.

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Indeed. And opining that a new MP sounds unimpressive is hardly recall-worthy, should such an option be made available. I have to think there would need to be something pretty large for recall to be considered, though figuring out what that would be, exactly, is not a job I want.

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Sadly, those guys, the ones who were craptastically stupid and mean...aren't generally all that selective about their targets. As badly as they treated you, they probably treated the socially inept guys just as badly. Can you say fraternities?
It's too bad you had to run into a long string of knobs before you found some decent humans. It's nice to not have to be on the defensive all the time, isn't it?

Also, good style on the piece. You've established a voice. Keep writing.