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I've not been around for a bit due to bad health - but I'm back and so pleased to see so many new names on the site. This latest slur against the BNP makes my skin crawl and reinforces my view that it's time the scum that lead this once woderful country need to be consigned to the scrap heap or at least sent off to one of the countries they obviously so love

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What you have to remember is that Jesus sacrificed a lot more than we are being asked to sacrifce - he wanted freedom of speech for his nation, he wanted the right to be heard, he wanted all men to be equal under the eyes of God. What we have is a dictatorship and the EHRC are the Gestapo of the suppresive regime that we live under.
I call upon all nationalists (whatever your colour, beliefs etc.) to form the SHIELD WALL with me. We will either stand or fall but amongst friends I would rather fall than live much longer amongst the lies, deception and deceit that lead us now.

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Don't forget to DIGG these stories patriots.

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This is a classic example of positive discrimination which is illegal although unfortunately last year Harriet Harman defended positive discrimination in favour of women and ethnic minorities with a statement to the effect that you 'have to bend the rules if you want something to work the way we want it to work' - in other words if you are a white indigenous male - Goodbye (that's the polite message) and if it suits us to bend the rules we will.

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Here Here

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I reckon Zulu is due for a remake!

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I lived in Bedworth and Nuneaton 15 years ago and although hardly rural it was a smashing place to live. I went back a few months ago whilst working in Brum and was shocked at the changes - like a different world - not for the good I should add. Keep up the good work I hope you can have an impact on the proposed 15,000 homes.

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Imagine how many MEPs we would have now if we had received fair coverage from the media.

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Look on the bright side - I've just had my father on the phone who is an old loyal Labour man but voted UKIP this tim and he was apologising for not voting BNP having seen this disgrace.

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Don't die on us now MIZZ the next one will be the exciting one i.e. the General Election.