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Forgot to collect forensics? What else did he/she have to do when they arrived at Stuart's house? Apart from taking a description of the attackers.

It really does get to me when I see the falling standards within society. Whatever happened to giving 110% to your customer? In this case, the taxpayer.

Amazing how the old bill are now really interested in DNA to nail someone for Stephen Lawrence's death. Why are they not as interested in DNA for Stuart's case? We all know the answer.

Good luck with the complaint to the IPCC. Have you contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau for free legal advice?

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R.E Ostertag Riley - I am in the U.S. I would suggest you save your money until she is released. As Shenley said, it is unlikely that the money will reach her. Once she is out, someone will find out her details to PayPal her money.

In the meantime, I would buy her a funny card. It might be best to avoid a Christmas card due to the fact that it could make her feel worse, considering that she only has negative memories of it this year.

Cards from the U.S, Canada, and all over the world will really make her feel like like her outburst on the tram really struck a chord with people all over the world.

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Nick - Who would you suggest as a replacement for Winston Churchill?

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First class job BB

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I think the photo above calls for a caption competition.

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Aberdeen: If a political party goes down the old school road of leafletting and selling newspapers on street corners/door to door, it usually takes 8-12 years to get known on a local/national level.

With Britain First, we are not talking about a typical party that is hoping to slowly but surely build itself up from the ground. Instead, we have to remember that It has a membership, call centre, skilled people (leadership, marketing, fundraising), magazine, nationwide contacts,and a successful website. We are talking about a group/party that has only been around for less than a year, but has 5 years of growth within in its structure already. It will grow rapidly, but then level out to increase its numbers at a steady rate for years to come.

With all of the groups it can partner with to win back our country, I am very excited about the future of Britain First and the work that it will do with its allies.

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I agree Gary. With the wonders of Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Bing advertising, you can market a brand to a large percentage of the population without requiring the support of a millionaire or billionaire.

Information moves very fast these days.

All the best

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It really is a shame that good people like Mike Howson are abused for falling on the wrong side of the clique that run the BNP. Whether he was good or bad, it isn't important. What is important is that he took on the responsibility for directing the BNP in the SW of England. As we know, it is an unpaid position, which often requires personal investment from ones own funds.

He most probably dedicated at least 15-20 hours per week to the role which could have been spent with his family. At least Mike can look back on his RO days and feel proud of the fact that he tried his best.

The Letter:

I dislike the way that Mr. Howson was addressed as Howson. He at least deserves to be addressed with respect. The purpose of the letter was absolutely pointless. If the reader wasn't aware of who the authors were, they would have assumed that it was written by a couple of giggly teenage girls organising a Justin Bieber fanclub meeting.

I wish Mike Howson all of the best for the future.

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Great news. I think the two pronged (Political and campaign) attack is a great idea. It works very well for the left, so why shouldn't we use a strategy that works?

So many people have been waiting around for BNP ideas to pull its finger out, and in the meantime have not done a great deal. The nationalist movement needs a new party and a brand new approach to saving our country. In my opinion, this is it!

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Nice things like a bench that her Dad bought for her and the table that she purchased from a second hand shop?

Where are these nice areas that you speak of? Areas that were once nice are slowly but surely turning into rundown dumps. When local Police Stations close down and the remaining coppers are trained by Common Purpose, there is no hope for proud home owners.