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I agree with your comments about the state of the Church EP-In 1st and 2nd Timothy, Paul prophesied that the church would 'fall away' from God-we are now seeing this happening more and more as the clergy teach their congregations myths,speculations and downright lies (including lies about the BNP) as being the truth. They bend God's Word to suit their own agendas,they condone homosexuality,same sex 'marriages',adultery etc in spite of the Bible warning us that those doing such things will not inherit God's Kingdom! I mean,do the clergy think God is fibbing or something?! What do they believe their own fate will be?

The Church in general has been overtaken by the Frankfurt School,it now exists for the benefit of the Establishment/NWO not for the people. One of Satan's many other names is The Father of the Lie-he is the head of the Church for now. True Christians nowadays should avoid churches like the plague and conduct their relationships with God without its corrupting influence-all you need is Faith and a copy of God's Guide to Good Living (aka The Holy Bible). Armed with these two precious Gifts,you won't go far wrong.

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Although I've seen Marlene giving many talks on film this was the first time I've listened to her 'in the flesh'-she has so much passion,energy and determination as well as a wonderful sense of humour.She really does make you want to get in the thick of the enemy with your tin hat on! My other half and I were buzzing all the way home! What a remarkable,tireless lady she is-no wonder Rotherham council are terrified of her!

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I'm pretty sure the one on the end in the grey hoody is the same kid with the specs who was shouting about the BNP not being welcome in Glasgow in the video?

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Look mate,Mr Griffin's told you he doesn't want to buy any of your sodding dildos,now on your way!

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Joined and shared sheffield!

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He said: “Each to their own, but I told them that the rest of Blackburn didn’t want to hear it.”

Unfortunately for the rest of Blackburn,we have been hearing it for years. However, I don't ever recall the local paper reporting on the peace of the white working classes being shattered by this cat strangling din.

Meins Rd is possibly the most well to do address in Blackburn-I guess the tory voting NIMBYs don't like it up 'em!

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Yes Mazzzz,I too spent many happy days in the park as a little girl.I loved the broad,tree lined avenue (although it always seemed like such a long way to walk!),the lake and the canaries.Oh and the simple pleasure of climbing the sixty steps on Brantfell Rd.
I walk through on occasion these days but usually feel intimidated by the groups of asian lads and black clad letterboxes. No way would I let my kids go there alone even in daylight. It's very sad.

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I agree Mike-at the count I had chats with a few ukippers and found we agreed on most things.I even shook hands with one of them! The Tories and Libbies were pleasant enough.The Labour hoard,however,gave our small band evil and contemptuous looks throughout the night,booed our man when it was his turn to speak and generally had an air of superiority about them. As I walked into the ladies' I surprised a red on her way out-she took a look at my rosette and froze like the proverbial bunny in the headlights. God alone knows what horrors she thought this short,middle aged patriot was going to inflict on her but I just held the door for her and said "good evening" as she found the courage to scuttle past. It's a good job she was coming out and not going in or else we may have been in need of a mop and bucket.

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Apparently this cretin's 'sub genre' is known as 'grime'. Very apt.
Just had a look at his Twitter page -- he seems to have a jolly limited vocabulary to me and he can't even spell 'the' properly