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You should do it. I did skateboard one long summer in the 70's on a fiberglass board my uncle made at his work. And even though it has been over 30 years, I have my own skateboard now. I am old. I have to go slow so I don't fall and break a hip, but I refuse to be left behind.

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Thank you!

I like what you said in the OP to which I responded: "Really appreciating them is when I knew I was an actual adult and not a pretend one. "

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Thank you. I never knew all that. I wonder if his original shy persona was an act all along.

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Poor Lucy. Her dad probably expects her to read and add double digits too.

Sporting leagues have been a disappointment for my kids, who are not athletically gifted or minded. Around here, the leagues are all about “performing” at sports, not about “playing” sports. And forget sportsmanship. Somewhere around 7 that crazy parent attitude transfers over to the kids and some of the coaches. Once in a dugout during a game, I witnessed no less than five kids tell my son, “you suck”.

Now instead of sports, my kids ride their skateboards or run around the neighborhood making movies.

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I love that picture. I was born near Cleveland, but left when I was ten and remember little. Besides for the lake, my fondest memory is of all the U-Pick fruit orchards.

I think everyone should spend a little time on the great lakes.

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I have always liked REM as well. I never understood what they did wrong. My younger brother went from huge fan to huge hater.

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This is my ringtone. It's not loud enough, but I can't make myself change it.

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[youtube oU_rqm7WPPI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU_rqm7WPPI youtube]
The other girls and I at Bunker Hill Elementary had a blast spinning around in circles to this song.

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That is why I stick to good old fashioned anonymous sex.

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I don't watch hardly any television, but I always read the tv posts otherwise I would never know what was going on in pop culture. I can't get enough tv talk.