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I can barely say just how much this post has nourished my sense of justice. Thank you so much for this post Dok Zoom, and I hope to heck that this bit from you, Buttcoin, is true, because it is just sooooooo delicious!!!!

Wowsers. Again, sorry to be late to this post as I've been half-dead all week, but I am so glad I didn't miss it entirely. It has completely made my week.

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Pardon my tardiness, but that is some seriously rich shit right there, boy. What a jackass!!

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Actually, there were assless chaps . . .

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Yay! I have happy hooves in anticipation. Please do make with the ponies, Dok!

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Guy Fieri lives in Kentucky??

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We wait all night for calls like these!

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Is it really so strange? I thank Dok for bringing the ponies into my life!

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What's her problem?

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Thanks em -- it was a real pleasure to meet you, and its very gracious of you to reply and follow me.

I found Wonkette through a link from Tom Tomorrow's site last summer, loved it, and have had numerous Wonkette tabs open on my browser ever since. The therapy of the flat-out shrieking laughter its provided has been a real gift to me over this last year.

I appreciate your encouragement to comment, but the pro level of snark here is intimidating. Meeting a few of you helps though. I wish I'd stayed longer and interacted more, but I'm very glad I went to our event at all. I agree with the statements you've made urging folks to attend their own drinky things.