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I'm sure they are not angels.

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Can't swing a dead cat on this campus without being accused of rape, provided of course you did something rape-like.

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I welcome the upcoming Gaysplosion of rainbow goodness across America.

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Time to arm civilian drones. Gotta protect our property.

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True story. I used to give the Saturday night bear lectures in a National Park. Every Saturday when the crowd was huddled into the refectory to see my slides by the fireside I would begin my lecture with the words, "I've always loved bears. Ever since I was a boy of four and got this book from my aunt for Christmas." It was then I'd always notice some guy in the back lying on the floor laughing. I never put two and two together until I went to Pride with a friend.

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I see that God is punishing Boston for this. I think we need to get God into the eye doctor. For a "supreme being" he doesn't have very good eyesight.

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Fabulousness. And the fact that God really doesn't care about the matter.

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The Devil has seven dicks.

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It is my deeply held religious belief that white people are morally wrong and should not get a college education.

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Well that ends my career. How much post-teen ass does a Wonkette contributor get?