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I took a detour after Mark finished watching season 2 of Discovery to get caught up on Picard and The Lower Decks (both of which were great, but very different in tone and style from Discovery) along with the Star Trek: Discovery Pod, but now I'm back! This is my first viewing through this series of Short Treks and through season 3 of Discovery, so except for some casting spoilers, I am just as unspoiled as Mark!

I saw the Q in the title of Q & A, and immediately thought we were getting a Q episode. I can't help being a little disappointed, even though this is an enjoyable look at Spock's first hours on the Enterprise.

The tribbles origin story was delightful. I laughed a lot. Of course they were created by the 23rd century's equivalent of an internet troll. Why not? I always wondered why they wouldn't be used as a renewable food source (under controlled conditions), and I finally have my answer: they don't taste good.

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Advertising his presence makes sense, because the character is definitely a draw, but once they've got those extra eyes on the screen, making Spock too central a character becomes a risk. It would be bad business for viewers to get more excited about essentially a guest star than they are about the rest of the show they are trying to make.

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Is it too much to call the first half of this season a Spock-tease?

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My guess is that they were concerned that such an iconic character might overshadow the rest of the cast, so they kept Spock on the margins of the story in as many ways as possible. Plus, they've been Spock-blocking us this entire season, and they probably wanted it to be a surprise that we finally see the (adult) character in this episode.

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I've watched this episode 4 times now, and idk what reaction they were looking for, but I laugh out loud every time Lt. Mansplainer dies while mansplaining.

I have such a crush on Tig Notaro, and I love Jett Reno.

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We've also been re-watching Buffy and Angel off and on for the past several months, and as much as I enjoyed those shows back in the day, I can really feel that I'm not enjoying it like I used to. This may be the last time, which makes me a little sad, but with new stuff like Discovery coming out, I think I'll be OK.

(But really, Seeley Booth is an overgrown child, chock-full of toxic masculinity and cop-worship, so I have not been able to find much love for the character. Not my only complaint about the show, but I just find him really frustrating and uninteresting as a character.)

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I also wanted to say that the other show I am watching right now is Bones with my roommate. I know it's a procedural that ran for 12 seasons, but Jesus Christ, the way it trundles along for 20+ episodes in most seasons, hitting the same character beats over and over again, with every now and then something cool (or in later seasons, something ridiculous) happening, is just so boring, and watching it alongside Discovery has really highlighted for me what good, tight storytelling and character work looks like. I can never go back.

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I imagine that for many of you—if you’re watching this again with me after having experienced it before—this season had to be a fucking EXPERIENCE.

This is my third viewing of the first season of Discovery, and it is extremely re-watchable stuff, especially having watched Season 2 as well (I haven't seen Season 3 yet). There are so many goodies, hints, and clues sprinkled around that can only be caught after multiple viewings. I wouldn't say "flawless", but it is an amazing season of television all around, and the fact that (based on IMDb episode ratings) it seems like a lot of viewers didn't really care for it is a crime. I am also currently listening to the Star Trek Discovery Pod, which followed along with the series as it was airing (but was not careful about avoiding background info spoilers), and I highly recommend it. Overall, at the end of Season 1, the hosts seem to be really enjoying the show so far.

Oh my god, Lorca could have just asked them to take him home. It’s such a succinct point, but that is the Federation in a nutshell, and it’s what Lorca never would have understood. In one line, Burnham summarized Lorca completely: He doesn’t understand a world in which you ask for help and get it. Everything must be fought for; all people are means to an end.

This feels like such an indictment of the world we are living in right now, vs. the world we should be striving for, that for some reason a lot of people just can't imagine, or actively struggle against.

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Fun fact: Javid Iqbal is the name of Shazad Latif's father.

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I had a very hard time with Dr. Culber's death, watching this through the first time. I hate the "bury your gays" trope at the best of times, and the suddenness and brutality of this death still make me wince on rewatch. [S1 spoilers] Gur ahzore bs gvzrf jr unir gb frr guvf qrngu bire naq bire ntnva va cerivbhfylf naq synfuonpxf srryf rfcrpvnyyl tenghvgbhf. [S2 spoilers] Gur snpg gung Qe. Phyore qbrf erghea tbrf fbzr jnl gb znxvat zr BX jvgu vg, ubjrire.