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I'm getting tingles up my leg just thinking about right to work coming to the NE. New Jersey calls shotgun. No blitz.

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The MSM would collectively realize they have been swimming agape up sheets creek for the past I don't know how many years and the greatest reversal of fortune to ever hit these beautiful shores would commence and the sun would truly shine on all of us and it will be great. It will be magical. It will be America, for the first time, all over again.

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What can you expect from a guy who obviously uses his own tears as lube?

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WOW! This is incredible. I'm so impressed by all of you here and around the rest of the country for standing up to this. Imma bout to get me some bread sticks. I always loved that garlic sauce.

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Once I heard them compare this to three mile island I stopped listening.

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Oh look, it's his "O" face. Somebody's riding the bone roller coaster...

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Due process anyone? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler? Anyone?

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I'm a bit torn on this kind of issue. I doubt this guy was any more influenced by this movie than those Columbine students were influenced by video games and Marylin Manson. Anyone of sound mind and body is more than capable of making their own decisions and accepting personal responsibility. If you can't do that, maybe somebody else should be feeding you. Let me go get the bib, and the plastic spoons.

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Why don't you ask the dead border patrol agent. He won't comment? Gee, I wonder why...

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Treat the symptoms not the disease. There's no money in a cure.