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Or both sides are evil. One just likes to use bullets and bombs.

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On one hand you have one dead US border agent, hundreds of dead Mexicans, and US guns allowed to be used through a US government operation. On the other hand, you have Attorney General Eric Holder who goes before Congress with arrogance, demanding to know why he's being pulled away to answer so many questions on these issues. The man deserves more than a formal declaration of contempt. At best, assuming he knew nothing, he should be removed from his position for being incompetent in the handling of the punishment of the guilty under his command. Of course, I'm not sure who actually believes he knew nothing of Fast and Furious as it was happening. I know I don't.

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Or perhaps he needs a ton of real callers on Monday telling him he was right.

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I wish he didn't apologize. Liberals started this mess by demanding that the public be forced to finance their sexual exploits while mocking religious arguments against this mandate. If you are going to demand money from the public, you should hear what the public has to say. In this case, some people think that, if you demand $3,000 per year per woman solely for contraception, then you just might be a slut. Cry me a river.

Besides, liberals were just telling us awhile ago that being a "slut" wasn't something bad -- in fact, they were holding "slut-walks" where they dressed like "sluts" to protest police warnings that dressing in such a manner might encourage rapists to target them. If there is nothing wrong with living this way, why is the word still insulting to them?

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Bwahahaha! An Obama supporter talking about what it takes to be President -- that's hilarious!

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I can't believe this. I'm completely surprised. There must be more on this. What happened?

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It is simple, but you're advocating for murder. There is no right for a woman to choose to murder her child.

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Well said, sir. You choose to follow what the court said; I choose to follow what I believe God said.

So from where do our rights come?

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But you're not free to violate the rights of an unborn child.

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Muslims do say that all the time (although they don't even follow their own rules that they want to force upon the masses, but I digress). I actually expect people to be hardcore over their religion. That it sounds silly to you that I advocate my religious beliefs only indicates you aren't understanding it. Religion is supposed to represent someone's core beliefs. If I firmly believe that God has given us a standard by which to live, and I firmly believe he will bless the nation who chooses to serve him and follow his ways, why wouldn't I advocate this to all people everywhere?

Perhaps you should be asking for evidence instead of simply saying that all religious answers are discounted. It takes someone pretty hardcore to say that he will ignore a religious position for being a religious position when it is simply stating the obvious that murdering a child is wrong