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I am by no means an expert either but I HAVE read an awful lot of Guardian liveblog over the past few days! I don't think Corbyn has the ability to lead the PLP anymore - even my MP, who is very leftwing, has resigned from his shadow cabinet. Whether or not the MPs who dislike Corbyn have handled things well, and I think it's clear they haven't, his current position just does not seem at all tenable.

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Oh good god, somebody please capture Jeremy Corbyn in a net and force him to resign.

I am a bleeding-heart leftie, I joined the Labour party as a paid-up member after Jez got the leadership, because he got the leadership, I am opposed to neoliberalism and Tony Blair and etc etc but MY GOD MAN at this point you are the zombie husk of an opposition leader and YOU MUST GO.

eta dammit, Jeremy

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we're the marrying kids having kind of heteronormative people bro don't marry kids

ok more helpfully - TALK TO YOUR PARTNER! I just don't want to be like, "hey do you want to surprise me by proposing" soz but I think this is a situation where just you are going to have to ask. Then everything else about the proposal can be a delightful surprise, if you want.

also congrats!

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Let me whisper my last goodbyes :(

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I'd love a Labour version of Ruth Davidson but our choice seems to be Corbyn or a Blairbot. Corbyn at least is genuinely left-wing.

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Yep. And so many of their resignation letters have said variations on "in these tumultuous times we need a leader who can really represent Labour voters", with no acknowledgement that it was Labour voters who put Corbyn into power! It certainly wasn't you lot!

*screams into a sponge*

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CAT TUMMY ALERT! What a beautiful, lucky boy he is.

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More people have resigned from Corbyn's shadow cabinet today than were ever actually in it, the pound is at a 30-year record low against the dollar, and Leave have confirmed that, having campaigned by promising to reduce immigration and fund the NHS, they will do neither.

Panic, what panic? I am going to continue calmly and efficiently stress-eating chocolate.

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Ooh did not know this, I've been resisting joining Toastie Slack so as not to totally tank my productivity at work, but productivity be damned!

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Congrats!! My one pregnancy tip, and keep in mind that I am 6 months along for the first time so basically I know nothing Jon Snow, is that it is ok and normal to start showing in like, week 12, and it is ALSO ok and normal to be months along and not show at all. I got really freaked out around 20 weeks because I didn't look any different, and I didn't feel any different, and I couldn't feel the baby move yet, and I kept wondering if I was having a hysterical pregnancy like Mary I, except... one that showed up on a scan? I dunno, pregnancy fears aren't rational. But now I am 26 weeks and have a little bump AND I can feel the baby move all the time and it's great.