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I can hold my breath a long, looooooonnggg time!

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I find that white people have a piquant, tangy flavor absent in other humans, particularly when roasted.


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I saw him at the Limelight in New York City, one time back in the 90's. He was making out with a boy that looked exactly like him.

I still haven't quite recovered from all the hawt.

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Fuck it, let's just have a bake sale. Grandma can embroider tea towels and sell those.

Get creative, people! The government is for bailing out banks ONLY!

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Maybe even elevens and elevens!

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I would have replied earlier but I just now finished laughing at the idea.

In a word, no.

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Soon they will cut to the chase and just plain nominate a brain-damaged parakeet.

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Hey, didn't mean to defend racism...but let's face it, race was a lever a lot of politicians pulled on back then. Unforgivable, destructive to generations, and an indelible mark on this man's career, yes, but unfortunately common, particularly as a strategy on the Right in the sixties and seventies.

I think my point was that the midpoint has now skewed so far to the Right that the current Barry, vanguard of liberalism in the United States, holds several positions just to the right of the father of movement conservatism from the same country.

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"Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!"

And it was Gandalf that dealt with them, DUH.

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I choose both booze and cawk! Everybody wins!!!!!