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Oh cool I'm currently in the middle of Excalibur and it's great stuff.

If youre reading New Mutants, you probably already figured the Magik miniseries is important to read.
Marvel teamup 100 has Karma's first appearance and a second story that's a Black Panther and Storm story that I'm pretty positive is on unlimited that I would recommend looking at.
Marvel teamup annual 6 is a New Mutants and Cloak & Dagger story as well.

Also the X-Men: Worlds Apart miniseries is a four issue story set in Wakanda in the era when Storm was married to T'Challa and it's decent.

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Is there a particular era of X-Men youre reading up on?

The 2014 Ms Marvel is ofc great.

The most recent Fearless Defenders series.

Daughters of the Dragon mini is about two of my fav female characters that don't get a lot of airtime. Overall it's great, but there's a couple jokes that are pr problematic(think of how the IT Crowd is problematic, but it also gets awesome like the IT Crowd gets awesome), so it's a YMMV thing.

1983 Cloak & Dagger miniseries

Runaways is great.

I liked the 2014 All-New Ghost Rider a lot (alas, it is about a dude.)

Christopher Priest's Black Panther Run was solid (from 1999 or 2000, sometime around then)

Ann Nocenti's Daredevil run is WEIRD and interesting she also wrote an 1986 miniseries about Longshot a lesser known X-Men (another dude sorry)

New Mutants was the very first X-Men teen spinoff book from the 1980s it features a female majority team and is a personal fav.

the 2012 (I think) X-Treme X-Men is a really fun cracky series led by Dazzler that can be read out of continuity

NEXTWAVE is just mindless silliness if yr in the mood for that kind of thing.

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I've been really struggling with this season and I quit watching the episode after Bobby left but I'll be around watching tonight. The show is having a hard time keeping my interest tho I might have to give up for good after this year.

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Okay, this might officially be the most I'm invested in an announced superhero movie. Like, not just out of all the upcoming DC movies, or out of all the female led superhero movies, but *all* of them. *Crossing fingers that Suicide Squad is good.*

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A lot of those people were politically active in different ways, he just brought them in at a different stage in the process. They've signed up based on issues and now that Sanders is effectively out it's on the party leadership to act like they still want them around imho.

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Yeah, I'm not just talking about his effect on formal politics but how it encourages and emboldens people to be gross and public about their bigotry and we're seeing the effects of that already. That's a problem that doesn't go away if you get your guy voted in and it requires more grassroots anti-fascist organizing to deal with it, not just getting out the vote.

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Clinton also had a very different base of supporters than Sanders does, with has a much larger contingent of new voters and independents rather than the usual party loyalists that always vote in primaries and vote for a democrat in the general no matter who it is so I think they probably would react differently to him stepping out at this point and might provoke a worse reaction. I don't see that as something to blame him for though, but a *good thing* in the long run if people that wouldn't otherwise be engaged in the process currently are. Either way I think it's way too early to be making definitive statements on this.

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TBH I get how gross and offputting the rhetoric is but at the same time I think the reach "Bernie or Bust" is very overblown: literally twice as many Clinton supporters were saying in 2008 that they wouldn't vote for Obama as Bernie supporters are saying the same now. The things people say in primaries tend to be very different from what goes down in general elections.

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"What I'm less optimistic about is how much damage Trump will do and has already done when it comes to American attitudes. Just having him as the nominee for a major party kind of validates his outrageous beliefs, and that's a huge problem, even when he loses."

Yeah this is where I'm at, having just gone through a similar campaign at home.
Also as much as the Sanders campaign has pulled Clinton's rhetoric to the left, potential Republican defectors she wants to attract can easily tempt her to downplay all those things in order to not alienate them; I'm already seeing people basically telling people on the left or other activists to shut up about their issues in the meantime.

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a few books I read recently that I really liked that I don't think have a lot of readers:

Aya series by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie: pr light fictional drama series about youth set in the Ivory Coast. Also a film.

Susceptible by Genevieve Castree: really beautifully drawn autobio comic that if I described it I'm sure would sound boring but its simplicity is deceptive.

X-Treme X-Men (the one by Greg Pak not the one by Claremont): This is not a typical X-Men book. It's a team made up of alternate reality characters that go dimension hopping every issue and it's great cracky fun and requires no continuity knowledge. Also the team leader is a mutant superhero slash disco/pop singer.

I also really liked Dwayne McDuffie's "Icon" and Jillian and Mariko Tamaki's "Skim" lately.

Also Joann Sfar's "the Rabbi's Cat" is an all-time favourite.