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I don't care what it causes...I'm still not getting off my big fat butt to change the channel!

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And while we are avoiding Dihydrogen Monoxide...we need to pull together to end the suffrage of women!!! Think of the children, for God's sake!

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I have been drinking Mexican Coke in the "old school" glass bottles(that you actually need a bottle opener for) and there is absolutely no side affect...unless AWESOME is a side affect, then that is the only one. The way I figure it is, even if they used straight Mexican river water, the pH level of Coke(~3.4) would kill most any bacteria that may be wandering about. After drinking the real Coca-Cola, I can barely choke down the plastic bottle poison. It is a bit more expensive to buy in Michigan(roughly $27.00 for a case of 24 12oz. bottles), but it is worth every penny when you compare it to the regular Coke. Plus there is a bit of a "wow" factor when people see you drinking pop out of a glass bottle that looks like it came straight out of 1985!

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And that, my friends, is why I am not an electrician!

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They installed two of them at a typically busy set of ramps at I-75 and M-81 here in Michigan, but the problem is that most of the folks around the area operate on a very "Cleetus from the Simpsons" type of thought process. One would be surprised at how hard the concept of "veering right to turn left" is for some of these people to grasp. I once saw a guy do a very aggressive U-turn because he was in the wrong lane, and instead of entering the circle to hook a left, he remained in the right lane, which side-steps the circle for a right turn. Then, after his hero maneuver U-turn, he finally got on the circle, only to do an entire lap around it before finally getting to what I could only assume was his desired direction. I sat at the yield sign and laughed my ass off! The look of utter rage on his face was priceless!

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How about the "Palm Pilot?" A few short years ago, I thought I couldn't live without, I don't even know where the Hell it is!

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I would have to say that Autobots have my vote! A friggin' bad-ass semi for a leader, and Bumblebee*...nuff said!

*and by "Bumblebee," I am referring to the Volkswagen Beetle version that everyone forgets about...not that God-damn Camaro.

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The "Aviator"...the only chair to come complete with its own tetanus vaccine!

Seriously, though...that is some bad-ass furniture!!!

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Beautiful car! They don't really make an "under the insurance radar" car these days. If they do, it is under my radar, as well. :)