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My grandpa was a UNIVAC tech after he got out of the Merchant Marines. He had TONS of vacuum tubes in his garage. And one that was as big as a 2-liter Coke bottle.

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Actually seen two of these in the flesh... at museums. One at the Museum of Flight in Seattle and another at Evergreen in Oregon. Truly beautiful planes.

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Love love love these posts. How about a post on pusher-prop planes from WWII? Like the Kyushu J7W, which was just a prototype, but was unbelievably awesome:

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I didn't notice a thing... but today I can levitate, move objects with my mind, and shoot fire out of my nostrils. And oh yeah, I'm blue.

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Oh, got it! I need to read up more on Th reactors.

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Thorium is def. the way to go. Too bad the reaction can breed U-233. That scares a lot of people. Doesn't scare me. Not as much as wars over oil and oil sales funding extremist groups worldwide.



The Ford Nucleon, featuring EXTREME forward control. For when normal forward control just isn't forward enough.

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I grew up near Travis AFB in California. Late at night I'd get woken up by a kind of WOMP......... WOMP.........WOMP..........WOMP........WOMP

Wonder if it was an SR-71 that had stopped to refuel.

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Wow, after all that time, money, and effort, the planes only flew for three years? I thought they were using SR-71s all through the Cold War.

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You can pick up a Parrot AR.Drone for about 300 bucks.

It has a camera that streams video to iOS or Android devices.

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It looks like it's way cooler than that . . . the steam drives the propellers directly!

I love Nimitz-class carriers.