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I agree jack, during that debate Bernie DID NOT explain how most will pay less if his Medicare for all was put in place, how not paying insurance premiums and co-pays will save folks in the long run. the DNC is not doing Bernie any favors and is making the mistake they did in 2016, thinking that putting their finger on the scale for republican lite Hillary would result in the Bernie voters jumping to their darling.... many were sickened by the super delegate bullshit and air of cheating and stayed home or worse yet voted for Cheeto jesus. the DNC fears what cadet bone spurs will do to a socialist, using that moniker as a slur and how it will strike fear in his ignorant and arrogant base supporters.
the media is also tipping the scales by not giving Bernie anywhere the coverage they gave the orange menace. Bernie has to work 3 times as hard and keep making his point clear as crystal over and over again and not let one misconception go without being challenged and cleared up.
I fear once again the circular firing squad will open the door for putins puppet to get another term for the oligarchs of the world …

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don't forget that Cheeto jesus use to often appear at WWE events and gave its head cheese-eaters wife a spot in his cabinet…. as head of the Small Business Administration

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many theist females actually think it is gods will that they follow what men want, it is their duty as spelt out in the buybull.

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"establishment" or not I think Biden would have beaten trump if he had run.... I also think Bernie would have beaten trump if he had won the primary. Clinton was just too flawed and despised, that along with he failure to show up in the states that played a large roll in trumps win got us in this jam. as much as I'd like to see Bernie get the nod, I think it will be uncle joe and he will then pick a more centrist female running mate, like Harris or Klobuchar... Warren is a strong women with good progressive ideas and actual plans, but the establishment of the Dem party doesn't want that.... while a majority of the American voters just want somebody to beat trump and end this disgraceful national nightmare.

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it is the ignorance of the uninformed, just as their religious leaders must hate the same things/people they hate, their politician must show contempt for those they too have that contempt for. we have seen this time and time again when reporters would ask questions of the teabaggers standing with their signs saying "keep your gubberment hands off my Medicare"
we get the government we deserve and trump is just a symptom of what his voters deserve.

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friend, you should ask your brother if he is an atheist, it could be a common bonding point... I wish I had a sibling who used reason and logic instead of blindly following the buybull…. my concern is that they teach and use the buybull to threaten my nieces and nephews.

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I too was hit with that holy ruler by those loving nuns because I was left handed and as we all know that's a clear sign of the devil and must be beaten out of a child ASAP.... still to this day my left hand cramps up from all the love those kind nuns showed me.

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right from jump you defile the founding notions of our founding fathers, ALL people are entitled to our asylum process. so the handful you may or may not have know are representive of them all?
you ask "2) The separation of families - what exactly would you have them do? The entire family doesn't belong here, and the parents are the law breakers. House the families during the parents' incarceration? Absolutely not. And this policy has been in place through the last several administrations. It's not even been escalated under Trump, from the numbers I've seen. Because Trump brought the immigration issue to the front burner, everybody's suddenly aware & appalled by this "brand new" !@#$%^ Trump hate policy. "

ANYTHING but what they did do... fill out papers and put them back into mexico as a family unit !! literally anything but what they (trump/sessions) did do would have been better...

time to explore your lack of empathy my friend.

again you say "The water park analogy is apples to oranges. The two scenarios have nothing in common. " your right the water park were competent enough to keep parents and child together and if need be reunited.... unlike the trump regime..

if they qualify for asylum they belong here, faulting people from leaving shitty conditions behind would have had us turning away the Irish, Italians the Germans the Vietnamese etc... is that an America you'd be proud of? there is a fix to this and it is not the wall or the H1B visa program.... it is jailing and fining the "job creators" that hire illegals instead of paying a living wage.

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as far as family separation goes, it is NOT bogus.... that policy was implemented as a deterrent and parent child separation was an intended consequence…. yes children of criminals or separated from their patents, but once released that parent knows exactly where their child is, with trumps plan there are still children separated from parents, and for what? the crime of seeking asylum? this is OK with you? yes we need to control our borders, yes we must control immigration, yes we should fine those that use illegal help in order to control the flow of undocumented folks, but we also must stand up to the image America has had way before its founding. we have standards and principals and I'm sure you'd agree separating children seeking asylum from their parents is not in anyway one of the American values we were once proud of. keep in mind there was never any plan for reuniting these kids and their parents, hell , if you go to a water park near here both parent and child get a wrist band and if the two do not match you are not leaving that water park with that child.... sessions and trump had far too much hate in their hearts to even think for one second on reuniting parent and child, and that is what is truly bogus and unamerican …

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are they as rare as the fraudulent voters that we are all to fear will thwart our democracy? one can never overlook the effects of Mexican black tar heroin ….. (snark)