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LOL! I literally caught that yawn when I read it. How appropriate.

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Meanwhile, somewhere a man spills hot tea on his wife at home and it is a Tea Party related assault. LOL!

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This style of romance does high school. I get it, it's a rom-com and not a serious romance, but it still speaks to the juvenile mindsets of the writers. Besides, even the average high schooler knows that trying to woo a girl as they do in the movies is more likely to be rewarded with a restraining order.

If it was just this movie, it could probably be funny. But there seem to be almost no movies, serious or funny, that adopt a realistic take on relationships. No, this movie alone doesn't cheapen romance, but it is part of the deluge.

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I remember the night my grandpa died. My cousins, siblings and I all went out to a bar that evening and had a riot of a time. We were all very close to our grandpa and we all needed it. I don't think "class" was even on our minds.

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I, for one, feel a sense of loss whenever I hear of death, no matter who's or how--and yes, that even includes the worst of our race. That does not negate the fact that some people bring about their own demise in one way or another. One could say that we all do to degrees.

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As one who has already unplugged I say, welcome to the revolution! I credit Netflix, Hulu, and $1/nite renal kiosks with making the transition not only possible, but pleasurable. That is not to overlook the amazing digital technology that is the foundation of it.

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Why doesn't he just quick-cut from the heavily-accented southerner to a swarm of rats?

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"All the facts" would seem to suggest that it is you who are erecting the strawmen. I see no contest to the assertion that you would rather have your debate in retrospect. (I don't see how you can.) That's the strawman. Have fun knocking him down.

BTW, sesquipedalianism doesn't make your argument any better, nor does martyrdom suit you.

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Ah-ha! I see what is going on. You insist on having this conversation from a retroactive perspective rather than in the contemporaneous fashion that the topic was presented. Well, we'll never see eye-to-eye like that.

I can see also that you go in for minutia. But as the name of the episode relates, we are dealing with patterns, not specifics of force in the discussion.

I think, by your verbosity, that you are trying to exhaust me into ceding your point. That is not necessary. I cede it readily, which is to say I cede nothing at all, as your point drifts ever further away from the original topic of discussion.

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keysmash - thumbs up!

Mugato - I cannot make you understand what you don't.