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The great thing about the world we live in today is that one doesn't just have to wait for life to happen to get life experience. A person can go out there and get it if they want it.

I, too, have lived and worked around the world. I have had the pleasure of supporting so many that serve in dire places.

If you take the tone of my comment offensive, you may consider that I responded to you in the exact same way that you responded to the author. I didn't find my comment terribly offensive, just as you didn't find your initial one.

I also think it's funny that it appears you think that because of my current vocation, that you hypothesize, I should somehow not have an opinion.

Perhaps I am quick to jump to the author's defense. You are correct, I do know him. You see, Steve is the one who organized the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. While he was overseas in command, he saw many of his fellow soldiers die. To imply that he somehow doesn't understand the cost is just pure ignorance.

He actually wrote a book about it. I would link it but I doubt you are interested.

One quick story about Steve: one night in Iraq while he and his men were on their way back from the city they were attacked out of nowhere. It was pitch black except for a few street lights randomly working in intersections. His men had to pull over and respond. Then all the bullets stopped firing. He knew that the insurgents would simply run away and come back to kill more soldiers and more innocents. So, he, alone, stepped out from the dark and stepped into the light of an intersection and started taunting the insurgents to shoot him. His soldiers kept telling saying "sir, get back in the dark..." they pleaded with him. But, he stayed there and taunted the insurgents until bullets started flying again.

Because he did that, they were able to get the bad guys that night. This is all extensively documented in military records and in the book. Although, again, I doubt you are interested.

Just thought you would like to know what kind of man you were so keen to respond to. He's a good leader, and, actually, one of the most mild mannered and humble men that you would ever meet.

He's now taken up the art of gunsmithing. He builds AKs.

If I am loyal too Steve, which I am, I find it interesting that you see loyalty, and the will to run to someone's defense worthy of scorn.

Guess we're just two different people. I think that is ok. Have a good day, cowboy. I've been a longtime reader of the BIGs and I've always enjoyed your take in the comments. Sorry you don't feel the same way.

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As an oil woman with a global grasp, you're wrong.

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There is a special place in hell for that guy. This girl is within a year of my age, praise God she has come so far.

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There were tons of videos of the Holder hearings at Breitbart.tv. Just FYI. They definitely need more play!

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So true. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that.

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Watch the end of this video, it has the flames. It's where the screen cap came from. No photoshop needed.

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Did you even watch the video? That's a screen cap from the end of the video. Way to freak out over nothing.

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It's fixed.

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It's fixed.