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OK, so Prop 8 was an amendment to the California Constitution voted on by a majority of California Voters and the Court ruled that it is Un-Constitutional? Which part? Whose Constitution? This is definitly an area previously ruled by Federal Courts to be in the pervue of the States. The California Constitution, now amended, to include the Prop 8 language makes ruling it Un-Constitiutional on either Federal or States constitutional issues idiotic. My head is about to explode.

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The reason I buy DVD's or Blu-Rays is not for the movie alone but the special features. If the movie is good you want to know more about it. Too many studios on first release have no special features then they release a special edition with these features.

John is right about not wanting to buy without a test drive though. I used to go the movies frequently now it has been at least a year and will be a lot longer until I see another one, it is just too expensive. I can wait but blocking Netflix and Redbox is bad marketing.

Increase by two months DVD release and that extends pay per view revenue but once DVD's are released it should be released wide to spur sales. Pay per view options during this period should be discounted to 1.99 and people would pay for convience. Netflix and Redbox should be included even though it costs less because the costs while less do not overcome impulse convience factor of reduced pay per view costs. 3 months later streaming should be available for 90 days then go dark for 6 months before returning.

These policies would spur sales and an increased intrest in thier products but then again the Studios do not seem to care about thier customers or thier profits.

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Charles Shultz, a devoted Christan, demanded that the scene where Linus gives the speech of the real meaning of Christmas be included even over the objections of network executives of that time. If the scene was not included we would not have "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

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3D is and will stay a novelty for some time to come. 3D does a very poor job of duplicating what we see the world as but instead gives an ampliphied version of it and it is distractring. More money should have been put into increasing resolution which would have brought a quantum step forward in how we see movies.

When 3D becomes free of encumbrences and actually lets you change your point of view by what angle you choose to see it from then 3D will be worth doing but until that is possible it is just a huge waste of money.

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There have been cases where water contamination near gas wells have occured. In these rare instances it is because of poor well design and bad cementing of the casings. New well techniques have all but eliminated this possibility. The water that is contaminated is not unuseable and cleaning it is mostly a simple matter of exposing water to air to get rid of the gas contained within.

The real truth is that most water wells are contaminated not because of drilling but because the aquifer is located next to a hydrocarbon deposit. These hydrocarbons are easily absorbed into the water. Removal of the hydrocarbons will actually lessen, not increase the chances of water contamination by removing the hydrocarbons.

It should also be noted that fracking is only used on deep deposits, usually thousands of feet away from the water.

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The real nproblem is that they are not kidding.

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It seems now that the themes that were explored in "Firefly" and then "Serenity" are more pertinent now than ever. The themes explored are not new. George Orwell also warned us with his novel "1984".

Universities with thier Speech Codes, P.C., and all the other ways language has been distorted have brought George Orwells warnings to life in frightening fashion. We are living in the age of Big Brother and Newspeak. The MSM is the Bureau of Truth and it looks as if Holders Justice Dept. is trying to become the Thought Police.

Orwell had warned of Governemnt that was allowed to control every aspect of our lives and Josh Whedon explored what it would be like for Free men who whould not give up thier Freedom to live in such a system. I believe it was "River" in "Serenity" who said it best, "Some people just like to meddle."

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Selfishness can never be enlightened, only rationalized. Yes a businessman wants to suceed for his own reasons but that simply does not matter. All businessman want to suceed, the question is which busniesses do suceed and why? You suceed by understanding it is the customer, not you, thaqt is the key. It is also imperative that you do not give away the farm because then your ability to serve your customers will be short lived. Gordon Geko in Wall Street is the personification of selfishness and Greed, powerful motivators, but he produced nothing but profit and improved nothing. The opposite is just as bad, keeping failing enterprises going instead of re-inventing them.

It seems to be two sides of the same coin, but motivations matter. Is it better to do the right thing for the wrong reasons? Or is it better to do the wrong thing for the right reasons? Niether is preferable but sometimes life can be complicated.

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Juan Williams is a very smart and very honest man. He had his awakening with being fired from NPR. It is not needed for Jaun to become a conservative and in fact night do more harm. What is needed is honest conversations about our differences and different ways of thinking of problems and solutions. Wisdom comes when you understand that no one has all the answers and that different points of view need to be aired publicly without personal attacks or demonization.

I like Juan because he is honest about his opinions and supports them with facts. Liberalism and Conservatism are just political philosophies and niether should be considered as necessarily evil. However the current P.C. Speech or as Geroge Orwell stated Newspeak is designed to limit discourse and remove from the lexicon the ability to express any thought not considered proper by whatever power wants it that way and that is in direct contradiction with Classical Liberalism.

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Too many very smart people have been seduced by her rationializations and not even realizing that concern for the other rather than for the self is a better path to success. When you go into business you are concerned about your customers, you provided a better product or service at a better price and you succeed. As that business owner you are also more concerned about your employees because they work for you and the business owner has a responsibility to be concerned for thier welfare. Thusly the employees work better and have more loyalty. In a self centered approach the employees are only concerned about keep thier jobs and not the service or the products they provide which is union mentality.

As I said, be very carefull who you idolize