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13 years ago @ The Conservative Cloak... - Egyptian President Mub... · 0 replies · +2 points

It's great to see a dictator overthrown - however, in this case - I don't know if the alternative is going to be better. Polls say 85% of the population there hates America and 65% want a religion based government. I see Egypt as the next Islamic theocracy breeding more terrorists.

Funny how the left hated George Bush for overthrowing a dictator in Iraq - yet - they try to give credit to Obama for the Egyptian people's overthrow of their dictator. Gotta love those double standards.

13 years ago @ The Apathy Remedy - And Now A Moment of Gr... · 1 reply · +1 points

Thanks for the's much appreciated. Keep up the great submissions. I enjoy reading your stuff.
My recent post Happy Labor Day!

13 years ago @ - Death of \'Government ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Could someone please explain that accounting trick to me? How can you have a profit when you have over $100 Billion in liabilities - and their last best year in 2008 they had gross revenues of $148 Billion. More importantly - what is their profit margin? If that $800 million and 1.3 Billion profit only represents 1% of the total - then it is hardly worth buying is it? There is definitely something not right in these books. Do you think the Obambi SEC is going to scrutinize these financials? Prolly not

13 years ago @ - Muslim employee sues U... · 0 replies · +21 points

It is a dress code - and - I know that Disney employees are required to sign an agreement saying they read the dress code and will abide by it as a condition of their employment. She knew when she was hired that she would not be allowed to wear that oppressive head gear. No case here - private employer has a well established dress code that employee agreed to - throw it out.

14 years ago @ - Pelosi: Unemployment C... · 0 replies · +1 points

This woman truly is the biggest idiot I have ever heard. And "the Word" is her favorite word. So, with "the Word" and an unemployment check in hand - our economy is sure to flourish now! What a bozo.

14 years ago @ - Alabama governor blast... · 0 replies · +7 points

Prime example of socialist/communist governance - rather than having one leader making the call - there has to be a decision by committee to make sure it meets a common good where all have a say. If a decision doesn't meet a common good standard then it gets thrown out. If this administration continues to rule by committee the entire gulf will be devastated soon.

14 years ago @ - Health overhaul to for... · 0 replies · +6 points

"Are they stupid, are they dumb?"

I would probably have to agree with you...absolutely. Then - there is that other group - party loyalists. They don't care what the issue is or who has the better ideas - all they care about is the party. I know a few of them and they drive me absolutely insane. Even though they disagree with a lot of what P-BO is doing - they still defend him because he is a Democrat. We have a lot of idiots out there that can no longer think for themselves. (that goes for both parties these days)

14 years ago @ - Health overhaul to for... · 5 replies · +31 points

But - you know there will still be those kool-aid drinkers out there thinking this is a good thing - even when their premiums go up or their employer decides they can no longer afford to provide the coverage. I guess this is what Pelosi meant she said they had to pass the bill for us to see what is in it. Is there any wonder they didn't want us to know ahead of time?!?!?

14 years ago @ - US troops won\'t be us... · 0 replies · +2 points

Oh, Good Lord - what is the freakin' point then if we can't use our own soldiers to enforce our own laws and keep the illegals from entering? I'm sure I'm just echoing the hundreds of other comments here. This is absolutely ridiculous. I suppose they won't be able to actually shoot those "dangerous" elements either - so - why even bother giving them guns. Seems like not only is this administration tying the hands of our soldiers in AG and Iraq - but - even here on our own borders. Don't even bother sending them - we're only gonna get our soldiers killed on our own soil then.

14 years ago @ Red State Progressive - Rand Paul: Face of the... · 0 replies · +2 points

This guy is as much a nutjob as his father. I hope you are wrong with regards to this being the face of the GOP!