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Simple answer. Isreal relies on the U.S. being it's biggest allie, providing it with the lastest and most sophisticated military power, and ultimately backing it should the sh hit the fan, and it will. Isreal could not meet it's military responsibilities without the U.S., and for Isreal not to act when there is a very real and active threat against the state, would be irresponsible. What is also irresponsible is that the U.S. has not acted yet, much less backing Isreal in acting now. Asking Daddy's permission (The UN), is unthinkable to me. If we identify a threat it must be treated like a spider. Find a big shoe and squash it, otherwise it will bite you in your sleep, and you will wake up looking like the elephant man. Waiting for terrorists to attack, and then responding seems to be a democratic (most, to be nice) response, and the response would be laughable. Pre-emptive strikes are the only way. Clinton missed Osama bin laden, or what I calll him, Bearded Puss Puss, by 4 hours. A CIA operative i.d.'d him at a certain posistion, almost a workday later, until Clinton finally got Lowinsky off him and made the decision to send some missles over to say hello, he missed the opportunity. Had he made the decision decisively and took action immediately 9/11 may, or dare I say, would, have never occurred. That is the price you pay for wait and see, instead of squashing the threat. If a guy is trying to steal my wallet, I'm not going to ask for time to think about whether I should respond and how, or whether innocent people may be harmed. I am going to pull the .40 cal sidearm that stays attached to me, and put 2 in his chest (God bless the 2nd ammendment, and my states opportunity to participate in the Concealed Carry Program), also an NRA Instructor, not that that matters, but here's another issue, in my state, Florida, crime has decreased through armed citizens in crime on carring crimes, and there's not a single time I can recall ever that a licensed concealed carry law abiding citizen has been in a situation where it wasn't declared a good shoot. My idea of gun control is using both hands, and for God sakes, having enough ammo.


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I don't agree he will do nothing, just he'll do the wrong thing. Remeber, the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists. Although I guess diplomacy is no longer considered negotiating. Nor is offering to lift sanctions for agreements to monitor their nuclear proliferation. Call me crazy, but if I go to the middle east I need a place to park. Push the button, Koko.

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Handling the Iran situation is simple. It is time to hit Iran, very very hard, Total Warfare. To use someone else's words I whole hardly and truely believe, I am not interested in winning the hearts and minds of the Arab World. I am intrested in their will to dare to hurt America or it's Allies. I want to insure that they get the real idea that we are not playing, and it can all be done without a boot on the ground. Netanyahu is the best thing to ever happen to the state of Isreal, and if he would like to lead this posistion, we should back him with every U.S. Military resource. It's not a worry of if Iran will become a problem, they are a problem, with the redderick, support for terriorists, their need to feel as if Isreal should be wiped off the face of the earth, their lying smelly crap about wanting more electricity and not a nuclear weapon, and their overall hatred for the U.S., anyone with even one eye can see their ultimate goal is to advance opposistion or otherwise annialiate the U.S. Period. Obama should find a pen with ink, shake it, and sign an executive order. Grow a pair and get the job done. I've never seen America bow down, until Obama became the laughing stock of the Mideast upon election. Respect for the U.S. is no more, and must be regained if we are to ever expect for our freedom and security to continue.

Nuff said.