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yw but I should say Thank you for taking the invite. I think the irate nation will benefit from what you will bring.

And all I can say in closing is this "LIBNUTS BEWARE" the possie is getting bigger MUHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA uhhh back to our regularly scheduled program.
Irate1 aka Irate Nate aka Irate Conservative aka Irate Ninja aka right behind you...

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Obama agrees he doesn't deserve the NPP. ! ! ! shocker... the first time he ever said something I could believe. Note his quote below

"Mr Obama himself said he was ‘surprised and deeply humbled.’

He added: ‘I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures that have been honoured by this prize.

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lol yeah it is one of my top ten fav's.

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Yes. Right again Twana. :)

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I plan of fighting. I pray those still asleep WAKE THE FRIG UP ALREADY...

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Congrats and Prayers for a strong and healthy baby.

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you know I killed comments for this page. And still they be here. EVIL NINJAS AMONGST US. Bah no worries. We have humbled ninjas and normie ninjas and jenn ninjas too heck we even imported a dunie ninja.... hard to find kind of ninjas. Watch out for the fire ninja.... has been known to slay 0BUMULACKS. Not pretty.

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Im right there with you. Savage hits good points most the time. Yet his over the top dramatics get a bit pitchy. As for this case. He is dead on.

The Irate Nation is not related or inspired by the savage nation... lol coincidence

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Great Idea.